The kitchen and dining area of the 2019 Sabre SS150 bunkhouse model 301BH

2020 Sabre RV SS150 Spotlight: An Extremely Lightweight 5th Wheel for Easy Travel

When people hear of lightweight RVs, they generally think of travel trailers. However the 2020 Sabre RV SS150 is part of the lightweight segment of 5th wheels designed to make it possible for the words “extremely lightweight” and “5th wheel” to be used together in the same sentence.

The average weight of 5th wheels can range from 10,000-20,000 pounds depending on length and amenities. The Sabre’s 270RL model is 30’4” and has a dry weight of 7,748 lbs. while the 301BH bunkhouse model has a dry weight of 8,063 and is 33’6” long.

Sabre 5th Wheels by Forest River

The Sabre RV SS150 line of 5th wheels are designed for all types of travel. However, those who plan long RV trips or are full-time RVers will find Sabre 5th wheels truly shine. They are packed with amenities that make it feel like home – or even better than home – such as Cinemax seating with cup holders, heat, massage, and backlighting. What better way to relax after a day of hiking or sightseeing? They may be so comfortable you consider skipping the day’s adventure for another massage!

There’s no lack in connectivity in the Sabre RV. You’ll never be far from a charging station as double high output USB charging ports are located in the kitchen, end tables, night stands, and bunks.

They’re also built for ease of towing and boast a Turning Point “90 degree-plus” turning radius hitch. Rear-view camera prep, fireplace prep, and 20 amp solar prep also come standard.

What is a 5th Wheel RV?

If you are new to the RV world and just beginning your search you may be wondering, just what is a 5th wheel and why is it called that? A 5th wheel doesn’t really have five wheels. The name refers to  unique way that the hitch is centered over your towing truck’s bed. It refers to the point where the trailer attaches to the tow vehicle. Back in the days of horse-drawn wagons and carriages, a wheel was used as a coupling device that allowed the axle to pivot, thus facilitating turning.

A 5th wheel is detachable from the towing truck, allowing you to travel away from your campsite without having to bring your “house” with you as is the case with a motor home.  The design makes them easier to tow and, since the hitch is centered over the bed of the truck, it reduces the overall length from the nose of your tow vehicle to the rear of the RV.

Typically spacious, 5th wheels have several creative floor plans. The Sabre RV offers floor plans that can provide ample living space for long trips or full timers in the 270 RL, or even accommodate families with the bunkhouse style 301BH.

Sabre RV Model SS150

Among the standard benefits of any Sabre model RV, the new SS150 is designed to be extremely lightweight. The Sabre RV SS150 models cut down on weight without sacrificing durability or size thanks to the I-Beam technology engineering. The Sabre RV is one of the easiest 5th wheels, especially for those who are ready to buy an RV now and tow it with their current truck.

Its fiberglass construction further reduces weight and helps resist denting, making it ideal for rugged travel. If you like boondocking or simply plan to visit more remote camping locations, the Sabre RV makes a great choice.

The fiberglass also helps with insulation. So, if you are living in your RV full time, the fiberglass design of the Sabre RV can help by minimizing your heating or cooling costs. Additionally, they are built using vacuum-bonding. This is a specialized technique which is typically limited to high-end RVs. It improves the sealing and connection for resins used during construction.

Sabre RV SS150 Popular Floor Plans & Features

The Sabre RVs offer the perfect floor plans for any type of camper. Both SS150 model floor plans feature large master suites with a full-length wardrobe and small closets on either side of the 80” queen size bed. The 5-star kitchen package offers commercial grade range, residential refrigerator, and farm sink with pull-down faucet and more. Additional options for residential sized HD/LED TV and remote-controlled fireplace make your living space cozy and inviting.

Sabre 301BH

The 301BH has additional bunks for family travel, which gives you sleeping space for up to six. Another family-friendly feature is the outside kitchen with spray port – great for rinsing off dirty hands and feet!

Sabre RV 201RL

The 270RL floor plan includes a larger dinette area and entertainment center with luxurious home theatre seating. There’s plenty of overhead cupboard space and pantry space, along with kitchen island and farm-style sink.

The 2020 Sabre RV SS150 models have so many comforts and added touches in their floor plans they will have you using the words “extremely lightweight, 5th wheel, amazing,” and “home-away-from-home” together in the same sentence!

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