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3 RV Travel Routes Every RV Owner Should Experience

Owning an RV means you have a lot more freedom in your travels. You can go where you want, when you want, and a place to set up your camper is rarely far away! While often the destination is the goal, some RV travel routes are all about the journey. Below are three of our favorite RV travel routes, and ones that any RV owner should experience at some point in their lives. 

Columbia River Highway 


 Columbia River Highway in Oregon

When it comes to RV travel routes, it’s hard to ignore America’s original planned scenic highway. 75 miles of historic highway take you along the Columbia River with scenery that has earned it the name “The King of Roads.”  

Built between the 1910’s and 1920’s, this route brings you from overlooks to the gorge, with plenty of stops along the way. The Columbia River Gorge forms a natural boundary line between Oregon and Washington, carved out millions of years ago by glacial floods. The beautiful basalt cliffs left behind dive down over 4,000 feet! 

If you’re thinking of a fall foliage tour, this is one you’ll never forget! In addition to the views from the highway itself, this popular RV travel route includes several parks to unpack and unwind! That means you can enjoy it without leaving your RV or tow vehicle – though you should consider it! RV campgrounds are abundant, giving you a great opportunity to find somewhere to stop and smell the wildflowers even during the busier times of year. 

While the natural scenery is the main draw, there’s still plenty of recreational and educational opportunities for families looking to entertain. Museums, fishing, and windsurfing are just some of the options available to those in the area. 

Great Smoky Mountains 

Location: Tennessee to North Carolina 

Car driving down an RV travel route for the Great Smoky Mountains

Breathtaking vistas are one of the best reasons to visit the mountain regions of the United States. Among the popular mountain ranges are the Great Smoky Mountains, stretching across nearly 200,000 acres from the North Carolina to Tennessee borders! With over a dozen waterfalls, plenty of hiking trails, active wildlife and historic buildings, there’s something for everyone. 

Any RV travel routes that take you to the Smokies will bring you to popular tourist locations in this massive area. Some of the favorites are: 

Dollywood – A family-friendly theme park with rides, entertainment and more. 

Gatlinburg – At the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg is a favorite stop for anyone thinking of traveling to the area. With the great outdoor adventures, shopping areas and unique arts or crafts, it’s a joy to experience first-hand! 

Cades Cove – A sweeping valley within the Great Smokies, Cades Cove is easily one of the top destinations for Smoky Mountain travelers. An historic hunting ground for Cherokee Indians, Cades Cove still maintains a rich wildlife population and has plenty of unique sights to see along the hiking and biking trails. 

During certain times of years, you can also take part in some of the local gatherings like car shows, Ober Gatlinburg’s Oktoberfest, or the Winterfest Celebration. If you love seasonal events, make sure to do some planning to arrive during one of these exciting events! 

Route 66 

Location: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & California 

Famous RV travel route Route 66

If there were a famous travel route, RV or otherwise, it’d have to be Route 66. Celebrated in everything from music to movies, Route 66 is a highway like no other. This interstate was once comprised of nearly 2,500 miles of open road from Los Angeles to Chicago! And while Route 66 has seen its importance decline, it’s still considered a must-see RV travel route and an important part of America’s history. 

Unlike other popular RV travel routes, Route 66 is the primary attraction – not a pathway to other attractions. However, you’ll still find plenty to do during your trip. It’d be difficult to list all of the attractions you’ll come across if you make a full trip along this interstate, but some of the popular ones are: 

  • President Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, IL 
  • The Gateway Arch in St. Louis 
  • Old Riverton Store in Riverton, KS 
  • The Town of Seligman, AZ 
  • Grand Canyon 
  • Petrified Forest  

Many of the stops along the way are considered national treasures, with a handful being internationally renowned! The scale of a Route 66 trip includes so much to see and experience that the phrase “there’s something for everyone” barely does justice! If you’re looking for an RV travel route that lets you keep to the road, this is the one to drive! 

Planning Your RV Travel Route 

If it’s your first time planning an RV travel route, or if you just want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, here are some tips to ensure your trip is a great one: 

Research Your Route 

Every RV trip can start online. The National Park Service has a wealth of information for all their parks across the country, and states often provide additional information for travelers looking to visit their attractions. Beyond this, you can use tools like Google Maps to know exactly where you’re going – including planning for stops along the way! 

Pack Your Own Food 

These must-travel RV routes all include some great opportunities to sample the local flavors. But it’s still a great idea to bring some snacks and easy-to-make meals along with you, too! Not only will you save money, it may help if your kids are hungry and don’t want to wait! 

Call Ahead 

Even the best Internet research often can’t beat the immediate help of park services or customer service at various private attractions along your route. Weather, health emergencies and other events can all lead to sudden changes in operating hours or availability. Calling ahead lets you know before you go! 


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