What’s the difference between a fifth wheel and a travel trailer?

Here at RV Wholesale Superstore, we’re proud to offer our customers the best selections of new and used fifth wheels and travel trailers. Quite often, though, we’re asked what the differences are between the two…because, initially, they might seem to have a lot in common with each other.

Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels
Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels: The Differences

With a closer look, however, there are quite a few differences between fifth wheels and travel trailers that are important to understand if you’re in the market for a recreational vehicle.

The most rudimentary difference between a fifth wheel and a travel trailer is the hitch. A fifth wheel uses what is called a “jaw hitch” to attach to the bed of a truck, while a travel trailer uses a “ball and coupler” hitch to to connect to the vehicle that will be towing it. The jaw hitch makes it easier for a single individual to handle a fifth wheel, and also makes it a bit more stable. With enough practice, though, using both the jaw hitch and the ball-and-coupler hitch of a travel trailer can get much simpler.

More Space for Living

If you are looking to get a recreational vehicle with more space for living area and storage, then a fifth wheel offers more square footage for your needs. One of the reasons that travel trailers are generally less expensive is because they have less living space, with lower roofs and less overall weight (that also means that you’ll spend less money towing a travel trailer).

You can’t utilize a fifth wheel without using a pickup truck to tow it, which means fewer people will be able to ride up front in the vehicle (travel trailers can be pulled by an SUV, which gives you more room for more passengers).

Bigger Tanks = Longer Trips

Fifth wheel trailers, however, let you take longer camping trips because they have bigger tanks for storing fresh water and waste water. Your travel trailers will allow you to fit more people in the towing vehicle, but they won’t be as well-equipped to spend longer amounts of time away from facilities to refresh your water and battery supplies.

So, those are the major differences between fifth wheels and travel trailers in a nutshell. If you’d like to learn more about which one is best for your needs, we hope you’ll contact us here at RV Wholesale Superstore for more info. Happy travels!


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