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Discover Endless Camping & Traveling Resources with the Best RV Websites

There are many reasons to love camping. Camping may be your getaway. You may enjoy the outdoors and long hikes to get closer to nature. You might like wide open places to play with your toys. You may even be a camper who enjoys dispersed camping and unplugging for a refreshing break from all things electronic. You may be enjoying retirement by seeing the country one campground at a time. No matter what motivates you to camp, there are resources at your fingertips to help you plan your next camping trip.

Here are six of the best RV websites to research, plan, and discuss ideas about camping. You may want to get away from it all, but with the best RV websites at your fingertips, there’s no reason to leave home without plans.


This website has a massive collection of public campgrounds – 13,000 throughout the US and Canada. USCampgrounds.info states that it is, “The most comprehensive guide to Federal, State, Provincial and Local campgrounds.” This site features National Parks, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, and even military campgrounds. Private campgrounds are not included which makes it easier to find public lands.

The website isn’t flashy, but it is packed with information! It gives specific latitude/longitude for GPS use and states that they have independently verified the location of all the campgrounds against online topographic maps.

This is a great site and can be used to locate specific parks, find parks near you, or near a desired destination. Additional lists of resources can also be found on this site such as helpful mobile apps and other campground directories. It also has a very detailed map legend and abbreviation legend giving you as much information as possible about each campground. Developed by a retired engineer and seasoned camper, this site is chock full of detailed information and a great resource when looking for public campgrounds.


RV Parky is another directory to find information about parks in US/Canada. This site is user-friendly and includes additional information like reviews and rates, added and updated by the public (so make sure to verify before you travel!) This site focuses mainly on private and state park campgrounds, however it includes rest areas and other RV-friendly places such as truck stops, Cabela’s, and Cracker Barrel.

It can be a great tool to scout out locations to narrow down your destination list before doing in-depth research. Some of the reviews are up-to-the-minute, so it is the best RV website to get extremely relevant information on the road as well.

RVParky also helps locate non-camping but RV-relevant points of interest: RV stores, places likely to have RV parking (like Walmart), and even user-reported areas with low clearances that could be a risk to your RV.


Finding a place to empty your RV tanks can be a tricky thing, especially if you spend extended periods of time dry camping. This site is designed to help you locate dump stations across the US. It is searchable with a city and state listing or by map. The listings include costs – if known – associated with each location.

It is a great resource for long trips and one of the best RV websites to help you when you’re passing through many cities and states and aren’t sure where you’ll end up. It is one thing to be stuck in traffic that’s backed up, but no one wants to be in an RV that has its black-water tank backed up!

RVdumps.com also features helpful dump station tips for newer campers as well as a map of boondocking locations with brief descriptions.


This website is a massive collection of information about RVing, just as the name implies. One of the best websites around for new RVers, it also contains great information for those looking to purchase an RV. In fact, it’s a must for anyone buying a used RV as it contains information on types of RVs well as inspections and RV loans.

EverythingAboutRVing.com covers an array of topics such as camping recipes, tips and tricks, and recommended destinations. There are RVing articles and blog posts in addition to more than a dozen topics of information. Even long-term RV owners are likely to find new or useful information or submit their own article for publication. Whether you are new to RVing or a well-seasoned RVer, you’ll get enjoyment from reading the Funny RVing Stories section!


Offered by Iteris, Inc., SafeTravelUSA.com collects data from states that offer live traffic/weather information. While not strictly an RV website, it offers priceless help for RV travelers. When looking for the best RV website to plan your route and avoid troubles, SafeTravelsUSA.com is a winner.

Anyone who has ever traveled can tell you that even the greatest laid travel plans can get derailed by unexpected incidents or construction. Unlike just a weather app or mapping website, with this map tool you can identify potential issues and even see recent feeds from traffic cameras which can help you decide on a detour before you get stuck.

This site will help you plan in order to avoid roads or routes that your RV may not be well suited for. It can also help you stay prepared for extreme weather events or other risks that might change your plans or assist you in determining what you need to pack.


You may not realize it, but the RV community is massive. There is an abundant number of RV websites where RVers can communicate with each other. These are the best RV websites to learn, share, sell and connect with others in the RV community.

The iRV2.com site is an online forum whose mission statement is: Supporting thoughtful exchange of knowledge, values and experience among RV enthusiasts. It is a membership-based online community where you can share and learn about all things RV related.

You can create an account for free and post open messages for discussion or get answers on anything from campground locations to technical support for your RV. Since any problem or question you have is likely to be something another RVer experienced at one point, having the experience of thousands of RVers at your fingertips is priceless.

You can read through the forums for information from past users or, if you have unique questions, you can ask and get answers from other RV veterans across the country. There are also photos, classifieds, blogs, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

There are numerous RV websites to glean information. These six best RV websites are a great place to start your research and planning to ensure you get the most out of your RVing experience.

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