How to Find the Best Small RV for Your Lifestyle

Couple grilling outside their small RV travel trailerWhen you’re considering an RV purchase, it’s good to first think about how you will be using the camper. Does your current lifestyle include a 9-to-5 job and a house? If so, maybe you’ll be using your RV for short, weekend trips. Or maybe you are retired and looking to visit every state park from the east to the west coast. Then, you could be more of a full-time RVer. While you can create any lifestyle you want with your new RV, here are a few common scenarios to help you think about all the possibilities.

Weekends and Short Trips

Camping is a fun adventure that often fills summer weekends or a week here or there for a short trip. A small RV may be perfect for couples or young families that will not be doing extended travel or just want to have a simpler vacation experience.

Snowbirds and Other Part-timers

If you own a house and an RV, you may only want to travel and live in your camper a few months each year. Keep in mind that there could be some added maintenance with this lifestyle as you will have double the upkeep (and expenses)! To keep costs reasonable, a small RV may be the way to go.

Full-timers that Want a Home Base

Are you a regular at a particular campground? You might want to own or rent a site at an RV park for part of the year. Your small RV can serve as your home base while you enjoy the surrounding area or you’re ready to move on to the next park. While RVs tend to get larger as the time you spend in them increases, a small RV may still be the right choice for you if you will be off on adventures.

Full-timers that Travel

Not all that wander are lost. If you prefer to keep moving and see new places, you may also prefer a small RV for easy towing and maneuverability. Check out state parks, sign up for a campground membership with a network of locations, and coordinate trips with your friends for a fun, social lifestyle.

Full-time RV Residents

This may be the only category where you’d prefer an RV with a few more amenities. If you choose to stay in an RV park year-round, whether it’s because you travel less but like the simple life or you have a job that keeps you rooted in one place, there are still RV options on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Which Small RV is Right for Your lifestyle?

If you are ready for adventure, but would like to minimize the expenses of your new lifestyle, a Small RV might be the best option for you.

Pop-Up Trailer – Small in size (though some can sleep six), the pop-up is the smallest, lightest member of the trailer family. Pop-ups are great for weekend trips and occasional longer trips by determined families. Note: RV Wholesale Superstore has many high-quality pre-owned pop-up RVs in stock throughout the year.

Travel Trailer – Towable travel trailers range in size from mini “teardrop” units of about 12 feet to units up to 23 feet long. The newest generation models offer designer-grade interiors, slide-outs, bunk beds, and built-in generators.

Expandable Hybrid RV – Can’t decide between a pop-up camper and a travel trailer? You don’t have to. Expandable hybrid RVs feature the rigid body of a travel trailer with expanding canvas areas, usually sleeping compartments off the front and/or back. You get the full canvas-camping experience with less setup time and a little more between you and the elements.

solaire hybrid rv

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