Is a Bunkhouse RV Right for Your Family

Family hiking togetherWith summer right around the corner, now is the ideal time to plan your perfect family road trip!

Bunkhouses are ideal for families who want to enjoy time on the road together. Bunkhouse RV floor plans feature additional space for sleeping and recreation. With a bunkhouse camper, you can bring the whole family on your next vacation with room to spare. Bunkhouses are available in many models regardless of price, features, or construction material. So, you can select the bunkhouse camper that’s in your price range and suits your needs. Whether you want a bunkhouse fifth wheel or travel trailer, you can be sure there’s room for all your travelers.

What is a Bunkhouse?

The main feature of a bunkhouse RV is bunkbeds, making it the ideal travel trailer for families. Designed primarily for maximum sleeping space, the indoor living and kitchen areas are typically smaller in size.

Typically, a bunkhouse RV has three very distinct living zones, with one zone expressly designed for the kids. The front of the trailer encompasses a fairly typical bedroom suite with walk-around queen bed (for the parents), the middle houses shared living space, and the rear of the unit features side-wall-mounted bunkbeds separated by ample storage running across the rear wall.

Find a Family-Friendly Campground

When you are traveling with children that still qualify to eat off of the kid’s menu, sometimes you need a little help keeping them entertained. Lucky for you, there are several family-friendly campgrounds throughout the United States with activities such as waterslides, hiking trails, game rooms, fishing and more. Discover what Kampground of America Inc.(KOA) has to offer and look for locations along your route or browse recommendations from the Travel Channel for family-friendly sites.

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared with a few activities and games too. Don’t forget some board games, a Frisbee, or ball for impromptu game of kick-ball. You can also plan a nature scavenger hunt, search for animal tracks or lay under the stars at night and identify constellations. If the weather isn’t cooperating, a few craft or coloring supplies may help to keep little hands busy!

Remember: Safety First!

When exploring different styles of bunkhouse RVs, remember there is a difference in safety regulations and testing between motorized bunkhouse RVs and travel trailer bunkhouse RVs versus a traditional passenger vehicle. Keep in mind, riding as a passenger in a travel trailer is illegal in most states. Plus, it would be difficult because of the limited space. Seat belts in passenger cars are subjected to a large number of federal regulations and testing. The seat belts in the cabins of recreational vehicles are not subject to the same testing and are often not secured to the frame of the vehicle, as is required for passenger vehicles.

Additionally, riding in the living compartment of an RV puts passengers at risk of injury from projectiles in the case of sudden stops or an accident. The inside of an RV has everything stored in there,including cabinets, food, and even the kitchen sink. Remember, the majority of states in the U.S. have the same child safety requirements for RV travel as they do for passenger car travel, so unless you have the proper restraints, it is not legal for children to ride in the living space of an RV.

Choose safety by investing in a bunkhouse travel trailer that tows behind your vehicle. This way you have the proper safety restraints for your family in the passenger vehicle. Alternatively, opt to bring an additional vehicle (your exploring car) and follow behind your motorized bunkhouse RV.

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