Interior of the Coachmen Catalina 33FKDS Destination Travel Trailer

RV Spotlight: The New Coachmen Catalina 33FKDS Destination Trailer

You may have heard the saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” The Coachmen Catalina 33FKDS destination trailer begs to differ. When you have found that perfect get-a-way location that keeps you coming back, why not make it your home-away-from-home with a destination trailer?

A Coachmen Catalina destination trailer is the perfect solution for your extended-stay vacations or even seasonal living. Specifically designed with amenities to make you feel like you are at home rather than camping, the Coachmen Catalina destination trailer can be your lake home, beach home, mountain home or anywhere home – you decide!

Destination Campers: For Long-Term Travel

Aptly named, destination trailers offer a more home-like experience for those who plan to set down roots for more than just a few days. While “weekend warriors” generally seek trailers which boast light-weight features to make quick trips a snap, these larger RVs typically offer the peak in luxury. Destination trailers are, therefore, taller and heavier than travel trailers of similar length.

Perfect for long-term stays, including full-season or longer living, Coachmen Catalina destination trailers feature more spacious interiors due to their added height and length. They are also packed with features and amenities for maximizing comfort such as solid tongue & groove flooring, ceiling fans and the Destination series is the only Catalina model to come with a standard flush mount glass front fireplace!

It’s a perfect choice if you’re considering long-term stays for retirement. Whether you stay for a couple of months or an entire season, your destination trailer will feel like home.

The Coachmen Catalina

Coachmen travel trailers have been around since 1964. Coachmen’s Catalina destination trailers are part of a long line of RVs from a name that’s been trusted for 55 years. In fact, “Dedicated to the enrichment of your life,” is the principle on which Coachmen is built.

Coachmen Catalina destination trailers offer a variety of floor plans. Whether you need room for two, a few, or a whole crew, there are plenty of choices!

The new 2019 model 33FKDS is a great option for those who want destination trailers with a luxury feel without the full size. The 21-foot awning creates a spacious outdoor living area that is over half the length of your trailer. That’s plenty of room to roll out your patio mat to relax, eat, entertain or simply enjoy the fresh air.

Convenient Front-Kitchen

Front kitchens are a favorite for campers who want a home kitchen experience on the road.  The front kitchen floor plans give you a wrap-around style L-shaped kitchen design which provides plenty of counter space while the three large, bay windows provide an amazing view and let in tons of natural light to brighten the cooking and dining areas. You get a bright and airy, roomier kitchen with more storage. An added bonus is the fact that all that extra storage space helps you enjoy longer trips without having to hop in your toad to restock!

Compact Size Designed for Comfort

While there are several different floor plans in the Coachmen Catalina Destination Series, the 33FKDS has the most compact design. It is about six feet shorter than other Catalina floor plans, but still retains the same width, water capacity and almost the same height as other models.

This means that, although shorter, it is still roomy and comfortable. In fact, it’s only about 700 pounds heavier and a few inches taller than regular travel trailers of similar length. The added features like a sliding patio door and center-positioned entertainment area – which is ideal for guests and relaxation – and close proximity to the kitchen, add to the traditional floor plan and make it feel like home. There’s even an option for a free-standing table with four chairs instead of the booth-style dinette. It is the perfect compromise for destination living without needing to tow too much bulk.

Comfy King Bed

Destination trailers let you sleep comfortably with larger beds than many other models. The Coachmen Catalina 33FKDS is no exception. It features a slide out for added roominess and a king-sized bed complete with Serta® mattress, quilted designer bedspread, ceiling fan and wardrobe.

Because of the front-kitchen floor plan, the master bedroom is tucked neatly in the rear of the trailer and has a solid door for added privacy; it also boasts a private entrance with deadbolt lock.

The Coachmen Catalina is the perfect way to take a “staycation” where ever you desire – for as long as you desire. After all, it’s about the destination, not the journey!

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