3 Tips to De-Winterize Your RV for Spring Camping

The snow has melted and the days are getting longer. While winter is finally closing shop for another year, RV season is unpacking its bags and getting ready for the fresh air and warm weather of spring! That means it’s time to de-winterize your RV! If you followed our guide on winterizing your RV or travel trailer, we have 3 key tips on getting it ready for the road again!

Man and woman checking electronics in RV with checklist

1. Check for Damage Outside the RV

Between the cold weather, rain and snow, winter can be hard on an RV. Whether you keep your RV indoors or outdoors for the off-season, it’s important to do a quick look around the outside of obvious signs of damage.

Use this checklist as you visually inspect your RV exterior:

  • Are your tires still in good, safe condition?
  • Do you see any signs of cracks or separation along the seams of the roof or body?
  • Do you see any peeling paint or rust, particularly in the wheel wells, doors, or windows?
  • Can you see any signs of leaking fluids?

If you notice any major issues on the outside, it may be necessary to consult a professional, particularly if it might affect the safety of operating your RV!

2. Flush and Sanitize Your Water System Inside the RV

Flushing out your plumbing system is an important step to de-winterization. If you used RV antifreeze over the winter, it becomes doubly more important to properly clear and sanitize the plumbing before normal use.

You will need to fill your fresh water tank and turn on the pump. One by one, open each faucet in your RV and let them run for a minute or two (if you used antifreeze, make sure the color and odor of the antifreeze is gone before you stop.) Do this with any part connected to the plumbing, including running your toilet and shower.

Wondering how to sanitize your RV water system easily? Just find some ordinary, household bleach. Fill a container with 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of bleach. Pour this into your empty tank and run the faucets, keep running them until you notice the smell of bleach. Then let this sit for about one full day, then run clean water through the faucets until the bleach smell is gone!

3. Test Your Engine & Batteries

It’s easy to get surprised by problems with fluids or corrosion when you haven’t used your RV for months at a time. A quick diagnostic will help you get your RV ready for Spring.

If you removed your batteries, inspect them and the battery connections for corrosion or other issues before reinstalling them. This is also a perfect opportunity to check fluid levels and top them off if needed.

As far as your engine goes, cold weather can do a number on your oil, so it’s generally a good idea to take this time to change your oil and oil filter. After the oil is taken care of, inspect everything else under the hood and rig as a last check for obvious damage or other issues like pesky critters. Now you can fire up the engine and do a last look to make sure all your signals and lights work.

Once your RV is ready for the road, all that’s left is decide is where to go! We have some of our favorite vacation destinations for RV owners if you’re looking for ideas.

Download our handy checklist to de-winterize your RV!


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