Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your Bunkhouse Trailer

Interior photo of a bunkhoue RVBunkhouse trailers – they’re all about maximizing your camping comfort zone. As their name implies, bunkhouse trailers feature bunk-bed style sleeping; the bunks can be used to store gear by day and tired campers at night. This makes them the go-to choice for many camping families – after all, the more campers the merrier.

But as the size of your camping crew increases, your camping needs change. Maximizing storage space is still a priority, but if you sacrifice comfort just to gain a little space, you’ll make your camping experience less enjoyable. One of the ways to balance a bunkhouse trailer’s space-to-comfort ratio is to choose the right features. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must-have features for bunkhouse trailers. Some are on the high end of the price scale; others are on the lower end. But every one of these features will give you the most bang for your bunkhouse buck.

1. Slide Outs

Slide-out RVs cost significantly more than traditional models, it’s true. But unless you expect your camping family to drastically shrink in the coming years, you will never regret investing in a model with a slide-out. On the road, slide-out trailers maintain the same profile as their traditional counterparts (though the slide-out room will add extra weight, so make sure your vehicle is equipped to tow it). But once you’ve reached your destination, they expand to give you extra room to relax.

2. Plenty of Outlets

We may fantasize about roughing it in the great outdoors, but in reality – particularly if you’re traveling with children – there’s a lot to be said for staying on the grid. TVs, computers, and other electronics are often an essential part of your camping gear. To stay plugged in, you’ll need plenty of easy-access outlets in your bunkhouse trailer.

3. Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are a must if you travel to hot or very sunny destinations. But no matter where you go, they’re still a great feature. They’ll help keep your trailer cool while still allowing a view of the great outdoors. Plus, they’ll offer a little privacy while letting in the light.

4. Ducted Air Conditioning

Speaking of keeping your cool, there’s no substitute for a ducted air conditioning system in a bunkhouse trailer. A duct system will help spread the cool air evenly throughout the trailer, even reaching those the hard-to-cool bunk areas. You’ll have much happier campers when the mercury pushes past the comfort zone.

5. Microwave

While some may consider a microwave a camping “luxury,” camping families with children know they’re invaluable. An added bonus: They won’t heat up the inside of your trailer, like a conventional stove will. If you camp in hot locations or during the dog days of summer, it’s one subtle benefit you’ll really appreciate.

6. Large Capacity Refrigerator

Kids need food. Teenagers need lots of food. Unless you plan to spend much of your camping trip at the local grocery store, you’ll want a refrigerator that can accommodate at least some of your food storage needs. Large capacity refrigerators for RVs are smaller than conventional ones (unless you’re camping in a top-of-the-line Class A motorhome), but you’ll be surprised how much they can hold. Don’t forget to keep your trailer level to make sure the refrigerator performs as it should.

7. Electric Tongue Jack

Unless you plan to wow your camping crew with feats of strength, invest in an electric tongue jack. It will make setup and takedown remarkably easier and your back will thank you.

8. Struts on Storage Covers

In bunkhouse trailers, many of the storage areas are located under the beds. But lifting a heavy mattress and wooden lid to access your gear can be a struggle. Gas struts, or lift cylinders, attached to the lids can make getting to your gear easy. Finding what you need in all the stuff you packed – well, that’s a different matter.

9. Substantial Water Tanks

Clean water, gray water, black water… Having enough water – and enough space to hold your water – is always an issue for campers. Get the largest water tanks your bunkhouse trailer can accommodate and (maybe) you’ll be making fewer trips to the water-fill and dump stations.

10. Awning

Camping is about enjoying the great outdoors. No matter how comfortable your bunkhouse trailer may be, nothing beats sitting outside and enjoying the fresh air. An easy-to-operate awning will let you do just that, rain or shine.

Considering a Bunkhouse Trailer?

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