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Frugal RV Travel Tips to Save Money on the Road

Tightwad, penny pincher, miser…the world has plenty of names for someone who looks for ways to save money. But just because you aren’t a spendthrift or squanderer doesn’t mean you’re a Scrooge. Being frugal means you are spending wisely and looking for the most economical options. Frugal RV travel is just that – being economical about your RV traveling.

When it comes to traveling, spending time on the road doesn’t have to be expensive. Whether you are planning a summer vacation or looking for ways to enjoy retirement, there are some things you can do to reduce your expenses – or even make money – while RVing.

Plan Longer Trips

At first it may sound counter-intuitive, but planning longer trips can actually save you money. Rather than planning two one-week trips, taking a two-week trip can let you take advantage of long-stay discounts at many camps. You can choose a location that is near several different attractions that interest you. By selecting a campground or city as your home base or “central hub,” your frugal RV travel can let you experience a lot of fun for a lot less money. If you stay in an area with a lot to do, you spend a lot less time and money on gas and travel.

Look for Travel & Camping Clubs

There are plenty of other “road warriors” out there. If you purchased your RV to enjoy the road, take advantage of like-minded groups.  Be assured, you are not the only one who is looking for frugal RV travel opportunities. Traveling and camping clubs, such as Passport America, can help you find great fun and discounts. Often, they work with camps for free or discounted passes. These groups tend to have entry-fees, but the discounts, tips and help they offer are invaluable.


Seasonal camping can not only be less expensive than short trips, it could even be profitable if you are open to workamping. Workamping is a portmanteau of work and camping. The workamping life is something quite familiar to full-time RVers. Workamping provides the opportunity to make enough money by doing volunteer work or temporary jobs in and around campgrounds that you can enjoy life on the road without depleting your savings.

Some campgrounds may even offer free camping, or a camping allowance, for volunteers. How is that for frugal RV travel? Positions vary greatly from grounds keeping and maintenance to front desk and hosting or restaurant work. You could even be a character at an amusement park – “Say ‘hello’ to the new Sheriff in town.”

There are plenty of resources out there to find workamping opportunities. RVing groups may also be a good source for jobs that aren’t accessible by the public at large. Researching the various online resources and gleaning tips from seasoned workampers will help you determine if it is right for you and, if so, where the available opportunities exist.

Learn How to Maintain Your RV

Every vehicle requires maintenance. While maintaining any vehicle has a cost, ignoring maintenance can compound expenses and result in very costly, unplanned repairs.

Just like proper upkeep of your vehicle, properly maintaining your RV extends its life, keeps its resale value higher and keeps you safer on the road. Creating a regular maintenance schedule can help you plan and budget for the necessary upkeep. Remember, maintaining an RV isn’t much different from maintaining a truck or other large vehicle, so things like regular oil changes and servicing your generator should be top priority.

Simple things like regularly checking tire pressure, checking your battery, and properly storing your battery during the winter months are maintenance tasks you can easily do yourself. You can also prevent costly wastewater issues simply by using biodegradable RV toilet paper. Regular roof inspections can prevent costly water damage. If you have a rubber roof, it should be inspected twice a year and treated yearly.

If you can learn how to perform maintenance on your own, it’s an even bigger money saver. However, you should only do maintenance yourself if you’re confident in your abilities. You may learn to change the oil, but leave features that impact safety – like working on your breaks – to the professionals. Unless you’re a trained mechanic, those tasks are not something you want to take upon yourself just to save a few dollars.

Remember, frugal RV travel doesn’t mean being cheap or foolish. A little research and planning can save you time and money while opening the door to meeting new people, giving you the opportunity to explore much more of some of your favorite areas than you could in just a short trip, or discovering new destinations that you may not have considered before.

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