Hybrid Travel Trailers vs. Traditional: What’s the Difference?

In addition to wholesale RV sales, fifth wheels and many other recreational vehicles, we also feature a great selection of travel trailers (both traditional and hybrids). With so many different types of travel trailers and features available to choose from, we are often asked: what, exactly, is the difference between traditional travel trailers and hybrid travel trailers?


Hybrid travel trailersA traditional travel trailer is a portable sleeping/living area that is built to tow behind a truck or car. You’ve probably seen plenty of them on the highways or at campsites across the country, and they are popular both in the United States and across Europe, Australia and other countries.

Traditional travel trailers are also sometimes called “caravans,” and they can come in many different comfort levels, styles and prices. The cheapest travel trailers are basically nothing more than a tent that can be pulled behind a car. There are also much more expensive, fancy travel trailers that have luxury features such as multiple rooms, small kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Travel trailers can come in hard-sided versions or more compact pop-up versions that conserve space.

Hybrid travel trailers have some useful features that are present in both a traditional hard-sided trailer and a pop-up trailer. When a hybrid travel trailer is being pulled behind a vehicle, its sleeping bunks fold up to create hard trailer sides. When it’s being used to camp with, the hybrid lets you fold the bunks down and put up tent covers that are usually made of canvas.

Many people who purchase a hybrid travel trailer instead of a traditional one do so because it offers an acceptable amount of space without as much weight to pull. But regardless of what kind of travel trailer, motor home or RV you are in the market for, we can help you understand the different types and fit you with the perfect model.