Interview with First Time RV Buyers

Making the decision to buy your first RV can feel like a huge step. You realize you’re ready to hit the road and enjoy everything there is to enjoy about RV life – but you probably have questions about buying. What kind of RV is right for me? Where should I shop? What do I need in an RV? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to your RV.

We interviewed some of our very own first time RV buyers to find out their thoughts about the shopping experience and get their tips for shoppers like you! Here’s what Michael, Patricia, Caroline and Jason had to say!

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Question 1: How Much Research Did You Do Before You Made Your Purchase?

The response to this question was unanimous: a ton of research. There’s a lot to learn about RVs and our first time RV buyers discovered that very quickly. When asked what type of research they did, we found that many of our buyers used every opportunity they had: from RV shows to manufacturer websites. No stone was left unturned.

Highlighting an excellent point, one of our new RV buyers said, “We also checked out YouTube videos about maintenance and upkeep.” Finding the perfect RV for you isn’t just about locating the right features and price. It’s also important to know what you’ll need to do to keep your RV in great shape and enjoy camping for years to come.

Question 2: How Did You Choose the Type of RV You Purchased?

With all of the sizes, options and amenities offered by different trailers and RVs, it can be hard to pin down the exact model for you. When we asked about their final decisions, these were the most important factors:

Many of these factors may seem obvious, but it’s important to sit down and really think about each one to find the RV that’s right for you. Small RVs are great – but if you’re planning on camping with the whole family, you may need something bigger. And as one of the first time RV buyers mentioned, you need to make sure the weight is appropriate for the vehicle that will be towing it. It’s easier to think about what you need and then weigh your options from there.

Question 3: How Often Do You Use Your RV?

While there are some out there that decide to leave their house behind and go full-time RVing, all of our first time RV buyers reserve their camping for weekends and vacations. Jason, one of our interviewees, mentioned one of his favorite benefits to traveling with his RV, “We use it for both big vacations and weekend trips. With our monthly payment and how much camp sites cost it’s actually cheaper than getting a hotel room. Plus, it’s nice to have your own kitchen and know that we don’t have to worry about the bedbug problem hotels have been experiencing.”

Question 4: Which RV Feature Do You Use the Most?

It turns out it was hard to narrow down a single feature that was the number one must-have. Most campers were surprised to find that, while they purchased their RV to enjoy the outdoors, they ended up spending a lot of time inside their RV enjoying the comforts and entertainment systems.

When asked for a specific example, Caroline and her husband mentioned that they love how quickly their camper can get setup, “The electric tongue jack, stabilizer jacks and electric awning make set up so much quicker and easier and was never something we even thought about while researching campers. We get to pull into our campsite, put some blocks down, and press some buttons on a remote to set everything up.”

Tips for First Time RV Buyers

We asked everyone to share some tips for other first-time RV buyers, to help them understand the process and what they should expect.

#1. Remember That You Can Upgrade Your RV

When you first start shopping, you may think it’s impossible to find an RV that has everything you want. However, your RV is like a home – it can be upgraded, modified and changed! You’ll be surprised how much you can do with an RV that fits your budget.

#2. Don’t Forget Logistics

Knowing how much your towing capacity is should be one of your first steps to picking an RV. Likewise, think about how many people you plan to camp with and what type of camping you’ll be doing. If you plan week-long boondocking trips, you may not want the same type of RV that a weekend warrior would want.

#3. Pick Your Key Features

While this may seem contradictory to the first tip, it’s always a good idea to pick a few features that are a “must” and go from there. You may need to spend a little more, but it’s often better than wondering what could have been every time you step foot in your RV. This leads to the last tip…

#4. Take Your Time

When you’re ready to buy, it won’t take long. So, before you hit the lots and start the process, make sure you know exactly what you want. Do your research, speak with other RVers and find out what type of trailer will work for you. Once you find the one, you’ll have plenty of time to hit the road and relax.

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