Tips for Keeping Your RV Cool

The weather is warming up and that means it’s prime RVing season. But as your thermometer rises, you’ll be more reliant on your RV’s air conditioning to stay comfortable. If you want to conserve power and beat the heat, there are some ways to minimize how hot your RV gets. Learn our tips for keeping your RV cool to enjoy the spring and summer without sweating it out.

#1. Don’t Underestimate Your Fans

It’s tempting to rely on your AC unit every time you start to notice the heat. But you don’t always need that much cooling – and for those that love to go dry camping, it’s not the most efficient option! The fans in your RV can create the necessary circulation to keep fresh, cooler air moving through the interior.

The most important part of keeping the inside of your RV cool is to let the ceiling fans pull hot air out, while letting fresher air come in. This circulation lets you enjoy fresher, cooler air while the stagnant air is pushed out.

On scorching hot days, you may need more than just your fans to avoid sweating it out. However, this should be more than enough to reduce the temperature to comfortable levels during your trip!

#2. Use Window Covers to Block Incoming Heat

As the sun rises every day, its warm rays will find their way into your windows and slowly climb your thermometer towards its peak. You may love that natural light, but if it’s getting hard to stay comfortable, you’ll want to block out as much of the sun as you can.

You can purchase window covers and shades that can be quickly put up to block out incoming sunlight. It’s surprising how much cooler you can keep your RV with just a few shades!

If your shower has a skylight, don’t forget to find a way to block that too! These skylights can let in a lot of sun. Usually, you can enjoy that light. But when you’re fighting against 100-degree weather, you’ll want to keep it out of the RV any way that you can.

#3. Park Your RV Facing North

There’s an easy trick to reducing the temperature of your RV: park it facing north. As the sun rises, your RV’s main awning will naturally absorb some of the incoming rays of sun, keeping your RV cooler. Like using shades over your windows, it’s easier to prevent your RV from heating up than it is to remove the heat.

If you’re near natural shade, you may be better off re-orienting your RV to have the awning block whichever side is receiving less shade. Depending on your campgrounds, you may have thick woods to park near, which can also help reduce the amount of direct sun you’ll experience.

#4. Create Your Own Shade

Parked in the middle of nowhere? Use a tarp to create your own shade! A few poles, a good sheet or tarp and some ingenuity will let you put up a sun shade over your whole RV anywhere.

While it’s easier to use trees or other bases to mount your tarp, anything will do – just make sure to give some additional clearance to your RV. You don’t want to block the fans or obstruct ventilation!

A good tarp is every camper’s best friend. You should already have one as part of your camping gear, but if you don’t now is a great time to get one.

#5. Light Up the Campfire for Cooking

RV camper cooking over an open campfire

It’s not a true camping trip if you don’t enjoy a meal cooked over a campfire! True, your RV does have an amazing kitchen, but all that heat inside your RV won’t help you keep cool before bed!

There are plenty of tools you can bring to make outdoor cooking a delight for the whole family. Grills, electric frying pans and big pots all make it easy to create big meals without a modern oven or microwave. When you’re done cooking, you can retreat into the cool comfort of your RV instead of being trapped inside with the extra heat.

#6. Upgrade Your RV with Additional Insulation

Your RV is already insulated to help trap the cool air in during the summer and prevent freezing winter nights. But there are plenty of ways to improve that insulation through after-market upgrades!

Sunshades are one popular temporary addition, but you can even add or improve to your awnings. A luxury awning can make summer travel more comfortable while you’re in your RV, while also improving your experience outside too!

You can also speak with your dealer to find out what kind of specialized insulated bodywork is available for your specific RV. Not every type of RV is the same, so your options will vary. But in most cases, an expert can improve the insulation in your vehicle to dramatically lower the energy required to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Watch for Sun Exposure Damage!

Keeping your RV cool isn’t the only thing that should be on your mind. Sun exposure is a major factor in the longevity of your RV. While it’s commonly understood that tires and rubber seals are vulnerable to damage from the sun and heat, other parts are too, including:

  • RV batteries
  • Engines
  • Paint and trim
  • Seats and interior surfaces
  • The dashboard

Any steps you can take towards protecting your RV from sun damage will both extend the life of your camper and prevent unnecessary heat exposure in your RV.

Damage to your tires could cause them to blowout or fail. While being stranded on the side of the road is bad enough, it’s a nightmare during a heat wave!

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