The Coachmen 2021 Catalina RV models are bursting with new features. With 2021 gearing up to be a record-breaking year for RV production, there’s sure to be a 2021 Catalina RV model that will keep you comfortable no matter where you travel this year!

Flip Down Cargo Rack

Outdoor cargo storage is now standard on Coachmen 2021 Catalina RVs. The flip down tailgate cargo rack includes a spare tire and can hold an additional 150 lbs (up to 200 pounds total capacity) giving you plenty of additional outdoor storage. This heavy duty 70” x 19” storage rack flips up and locks in the upright position when not in use. So whether you choose the Legacy Edition, the Summit Series 8 or the Expedition, these Coachmen travel trailers will provide that addition outdoor storage that gives you plenty more outside storage for your travel needs.

Power Awning with LED Lighting

The Scissor-Arm technology on the power awning of the Coachmen 2021 Catalina RV increases stability and rigidity for maximum strength and durability. This no-hassle power awning features a multi-color LED light strip with remote that allows you to choose between 15 different color choices! That will keep the kids (or the kid in you) busy choosing the nightly color scheme!

There are six different pitches adjustments you can choose from, and with Memory Pitch, your awning will return to your desired pitch each time without the need to re-adjust.

All-in-One Entertainment TV & Speakers

The 2021 Catalina RVs make it easy to relax with the all-in-one entertainment TV. It’s mounted on a telescoping swing arm bracket so you can position it for optimal viewing from any angle. There’s Bluetooth audio streaming and an FM tuner with 10 presets. Front and rear USB and HDMI for ease of hook up no matter which direction the TV is facing.

It comes with a full-function remote control but also has TV control buttons on the front – just in case the remote gets misplaced! The 2-zone audio has independent volume and source control to fully adjust the sound where you need it.

Summit Series Entertainment Equipment

The standard interior entertainment equipment is a bit different for the Summit Series 8 and Summit Series 7 of the 2021 Catalina RV models. The telescoping swing arm is designed to attach to multiple TV mounting configurations and the entertainment center is pre-wired with a signal booster for Cable and Satellite. The HDMI connection is also pre-wired to the stereo.

There are two 110 plugs for TV power and an additional device. In front you’ll find an HDMI port and Aux In port as well as a USB with device charging capabilities. There is a rear HDMI output to the TV. There is also rear optical and analog input. Two 20W low-distortion speakers are mounted in the ceiling. They are moisture resistant and provide multi-zone audio distribution. All this equipment may warrant a little extra electrical protection.

10 Cubic Ft. Refrigerator

This refrigerator has plenty of room for all your food and refreshments. Adjustable glass shelves, energy efficient LED lighting, and a clear crisper drawer to keep your fruits and veggies fresh are just a few of the features you’ll find in the 10 cubic foot refrigerator in the 2021 Catalina RV. The freezer is large enough to accommodate a bag of ice and has a shelf to help keep food organized. The 12V refrigerator is engineered for the boat and RV industries and comes standard on the Legacy Edition, Summit Series 7 & 8 as well as the Trailblazer models. The 2021 Catalina RV also offers A 7 cubic foot gas/electric refrigerator as an option. With all this room, you can keep food and snacks organized and away from unwanted pests.

Suite of Functionality Features

The 2021 Catalina RV has a host of features that improve the functionality of your new RV. Each feature is beneficial, and together their performance will enhance your camping experience.

Living Room Fan

When it comes to comfort and convenience, look up. Up at the living room fan, that is.  The 2021 Catalina RV provides great ventilation and a natural skylight in the living room fan. You’ll have plenty of additional daylight to brighten your RV during the day and the fan will help circulate the air to keep you comfortable day and night.

Easy-Step Shower

Whether you’re 80, have an infant, or are somewhere in-between, the easy-step shower in the 2021 Catalina RV models makes bathing easy. It has a low step providing easy, safe entry and exiting as well as providing a roomier shower experience. Water overflow is prevented by the raised lip – which provides a unique space that still works for baby’s bath time. No matter where your next adventure is or if your RV doubles as a guest house, showering will be a pleasant experience with the easy-step shower.  

Propane Quick Connect

For ease of outdoor grilling the 2021 Catalina RV comes standard with propane quick connect. This quick connect hose attachment runs off the standard LP gas bottles for your RV and provides the convenience you desire for grilling or cooking outside your RV. The quick connect and new pull out camping griddle are just a few of the new features on the pull out camp kitchen.

Battery Disconnect Switch

Fire and theft are two dangers every camper wants to avoid. With a battery disconnect switch, your 2021 Catalina RV will not only save on battery life, but by completely disconnecting the battery from all systems, it protects you from the dangers of theft and electrical fires. The battery disconnect switch is conveniently located on the A-Frame and is also an important safety feature when maintenance is necessary on your RV. Lastly, it preserves the battery from being drained by lights or appliances while your RV is in storage.

So, despite the pandemic, RVs are in demand. More than 8o percent of all RV production is based in the Elkhart, Indiana, region, and the Coachmen 2021 Catalina RV models are no exception. In fact, according to the Elkhart Truth, “Demand is high for RVs…2021 could break the all-time record.” Bursting with new features, there’s a 2021 Catalina RV model that will keep you comfortable no matter where 2021 takes you!

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Whether you’re a first-time RV buyer or are looking for an upgrade, the 2021 Wildwood RV has a long list of new and upgraded features that are sure to please. From a new valance style to upgraded designer furniture, from a new 24×40 shower with surround & Arcadia door IPO tub to a redesigned outside kitchen with Stow N Go containers, you’ll fall in love with all that the 2021 Wildwood RV has to offer.

Versa Lounge

The Versa Lounge is the most versatile furniture in the RV industry. It can be adjusted and rearranged to fit whatever your needs may be. No matter the situation, the Versa Lounge in your 2021 Wildwood RV can help you optimize and customize space so you can utilize the seating and dining areas in your RV to best suit you, your family and guests.

Power Set Up

Power Tongue Jack

A power tongue jack is connected to the tongue of the trailer and makes it easier to raise or lower the trailer. It steadies the trailer and is useful for leveling and connecting and disconnecting to and from your tow vehicle. The power tongue jack eliminates straining your arm and back muscles trying to line up the trailer tongue prior to hitching. This is especially useful in rough terrain when you have a heavy-laden trailer.

Power Awning

With a power awning, the quick and simple control of the awning sets you up in no time to enjoy the outdoors when you arrive at your destination. The same ease of the control gets you ready to head out and get back on the road in no time.

Power Stabilization Jacks

Rounding out the 2021 Wildwood RV’s trio of power, the Power Stabilization Jacks make the process of stabilizing your RV at the campsite much less time consuming. This means you get to spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time setting up! It also means you’ll have more stability even in rugged terrain or with rowdy youngsters.

Heated & Enclosed Accessibelly

The rigid panels of the Accessibelly not only protect the underbelly of your RV, but they can be removed when you need access to the wiring or plumbing of your RV for maintenance. This means you no longer have to cut holes in the underfloor material to create access panels – which also means you won’t need to patch up those holes either! With the 2021 Wildwood RV’s Accessibelly, you get easier access for repairs and improved durability.

11 Cubic Foot Fridge

The 11 cubic foot refrigerator in the 2021 Wildwood RV is only a few cubic feet less than the standard residential refrigerator, so you’ll feel right at home in your RV kitchen. It will give you plenty of storage space whether you’re going on a weekend trip, a long vacation, or even boondocking miles away from the nearest grocery store. You’ll always have the fixings for all your meals right at your fingertips.

Huge Panoramic Windows

Seeing the sights is one of the best parts of traveling. The panoramic windows in the 2021 Wildwood RV let you enjoy the view. Whether it’s looking out at the hiking trails in the woods, mountains, or maybe admiring the ocean view, these windows let you enjoy the breathtaking sights from the comfort of your interior when you’re not out experiencing it first-hand.

15-Year Warranty Superflex Roof

With all these features under one roof, it’s a good thing that the roof of the 2021 Wildwood RV is made of state-of-the-art roofing membrane. This high-quality material is both lightweight and stretchable. Your RV roof is exposed to the elements, so it’s a critical component for RV safety and enjoyment. Having a strong warranty and a top-quality build makes a great combination. You can camp worry-free knowing Wildwood’s 15-year warranty has you covered.

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Whether you have a brand new RV or one with several years and miles on it, one thing is true for RVs of all shapes, sizes, styles and model years – if you don’t have good tires you won’t get far. When you care for your RV tires properly, not only do you extend the life of your tires, but you are ensuring you’ll have the best chance of safe traveling, parking and camping without lost time by the side of the road with tire troubles.

Keep Tires Filled to the Appropriate Level

One of the simplest yet most important things you can do for your RV tires is maintaining the proper level of air. When you have improper tire pressure – either too high or too low – your tires are the most vulnerable to blowouts and other issues. According to your RV’s manual, keeping tire pressure at the proper level isn’t something that can be skipped. RV manufacturers also recommend specific pressure levels for your RV tires, so be sure to get to know your manual and the recommendations for your specific RV tires!

An investment in a quality tire pressure gauge is easy. Taking the time to check your RV tire pressure, especially before departing for an extended trip, is also easy and only takes a few minutes. The dramatic temperature changes that occur here in Ohio during the transition between seasons can significantly impact your RV tire pressure. A quick check before departure can catch big changes in pressure that may happen when temperatures can fluctuate 30 degrees or more in a few hours’ time!

Pay Attention to Weight & Distribution

While tire pressure may be the most basic thing to keep in mind when it comes to RV tires, your RV weight plays a major part in the safety of your RV tires as well. If your RV is overloaded, too much weight is put on your tires which can result in a blowout. Besides just the weight itself, how the weight is distributed impacts the tires. If you’re traveling with uneven weight distribution, some tires will be under more stress than others. This will lead to uneven RV tire wear and, eventually, unexpected issues.

Do Pre-Trip Tire Inspections

Whether you’re going on a quick weekend trip or an extended vacation, a pre-trip inspection is something you should do every time you plan to hit the road. The inspection doesn’t need to be extensive, but a walk-around where you look at each tire to check for signs of damage or low pressure is important. This is also the perfect opportunity to check your RV tire tread and to look for signs of uneven or excessive wear. A quick way to check the tread is with the penny test. Stick a penny upside down into the tire tread. If you can see the top of Abe Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your RV tire.

Pre-trip inspections are a good time to inspect parts other than just your RV tires. It can provide the opportunity to catch a small issue before it develops into a big problem. Overall, you’ll have a safer and longer lasting RV.

Change Your RV Tires When Needed

No tire, not even an RV tire, lasts forever. RV tires have a lifespan just like any other tire. So, even with meticulous care, every tire will eventually need to be replaced. The lifespan of an RV tire is approximately 3-6 years depending on the use and wear of your tires. If you put a lot of miles on your RV, your tires may need to be replaced sooner. But even if you only use your RV occasionally or don’t put many miles on your tires because you regularly camp close to home, you should still plan on replacing your RV tires every 6 years which is considered the “high end” lifespan of an RV tire.

So remember, proper care of your RV tires will extend their life, give you better gas mileage when traveling, cut down on lost time by the side of the road with tire troubles, and give you the best chance of safe traveling and camping.

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