RV Travel Costs vs. Traditional Vacations

A July 2014 Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) study showed that RV traveling can save up 60% when compared to traditional vacations. This study mainly looked at the expenses of travelling families with up to 4 children. Some families travelled in RVs, some travelled by plane or car. For couples travelling without children, the amount saved was similar. The study showed that a travelling couple could save up to 50% on an RV vacation.

The RV Industry Boom: Why It’s Good for You

It’s a good time for the RV industry—and for those looking to buy an RV. After a difficult time during the recession, the RV manufacturers and wholesalers who managed to stay afloat are experiencing the benefits. For RV and travel trailer buyers, this means low prices and a better selection.

Selecting the Correct Hitch, Part 3

In past weeks we have examined receiver hitches and travel trailer hitches as well as the rolls they play in having a safe and enjoyable camping trip. Today we are looking at the other major type of hitch commonly found in RVs, the fifth wheel hitch.