8 Reasons Why RVs are Perfect for Retiree Vacations

8 Reasons Why RVs are Perfect for Retiree Vacations

Retirement can provide a whole new lease on life, giving retirees the option to explore new avenues. For many, the spontaneity provided by a motorhome is the answer to these new avenues. The 1 million retirees who call on their travel trailer recreational vehicles for travel and vacations clearly agree.

The top reasons for retirees to travel in an RV include:

1. You can go wherever, whenever.
The freedom of a motorhome allows RV owners to get to know the world without a schedule. The only planning necessary is making sure you have enough provisions to last until your next destination.

2. Building a community is easy on an RV campsite.
Many retirees spend a lot of time at each destination, allowing them to form connections with others at the park. Also, private RV camping parks often resemble small, seasonal neighborhoods. Southern parks are popular in winter and northern parks are popular in summer.

3. Find new, cross country adventures.
Recreational vehicles will always keep you moving with adventure at your fingertips. Whether you want to see the Grand Canyon or the first city you glance at on a map, RVs are the way to get there. You can explore the beauty in your own backyard traveling across North America.

4. There are a variety of options to suit your traveling preferences.
Whether you’re looking to shed the luxuries and live simply or cruise the nation in an extravagance, you can find a fifth wheel that fits the bill. Plus, RVs come in different shapes, sizes, and prices to pick from.

fifth wheel rvs
RV Manufacturers are constantly working to make RVs more residential. The new Cedar Creek Hataway Edition brings even more home on the road, with a Serta® Residential Mattress, and a full sized Kitchen Aid® Refrigerator, you won’t miss a thing. 


5. Life is safer on the road than ever before.
Thanks to better health insurance options for older folks and more reliable technology, there is little to worry about when traveling. You can video chat with friends and family, handle your banking, and locate the fastest routes at the click of a button.

6. You can truly disconnect in an RV.
Although the technology to stay connected is available, with RVs it is really possible to unplug in a way that other vacations don’t offer. If you’re up to the challenge of boondocking—setting up camp without hookups—you even be living without electricity and running water!

7. Live cheaper with added mobility.
Options such as boondocking or establishing residency in a state without income tax can are cheap living options. Plus, Volunteers in Park (VIP) programs allow campers special privileges and cheaper rates in exchange for easy work on campsites.

8. Quality time with your fellow travelers.
After a lifetime of work and over-loaded schedules, RV travelling offers an opportunity to spend time with your loved ones without time limitations.
Overall, the versatility and freedom offered by RVs are the most valuable aspects for retirees. If you’re interested in a cross country RV trip, learn more about protecting your valuables along the way.


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