A Grey Wolf RV with True RV Closets

Can RV Closets Fit Your Entire Wardrobe? Yes – If You Choose the Right RV!

Whoever said you can’t take it with you wasn’t talking about your wardrobe and an RV trip! Unlike weekend warriors who generally don’t take an entire wardrobe with them, RVers who are taking extended trips, or those contemplating a full-time RV lifestyle, are looking for large RV closets and storage tips because they need to pack more than a pair of hiking boots and an extra sweatshirt.

So how can you make the most of the space you have and which RVs offer the best storage? Choosing your RV wisely and making a few adjustments can go a long way in making sure you have space for everything you need from your wardrobe.

Benefits of a Big RV Closet

Though well-designed, most RVs have limited storage space. While RV closets are not historically roomy, RVs make good use of overhead compartments and offer many options for space-saving storage. That said, anyone who has ever traveled in an RV knows that additional storage space is always welcome when traveling.

Bigger closets are great for RV living or long-term trips because they help you store the clothes you’ll need now and even those you may need for travel during seasonal changes when weather can vary.

RV Closet Storage Tips

Less Is More

The best RV closet storage tip is not a secret: bring only what you need. It may seem elementary, but it is much easier to start with the bare minimum. You can bring more if you realize you have extra space. Packing smart and organizing well go a long way in maximizing your space.

Closet Organizing Accessories

While closets in your RV are pint-sized versions of your closets at home, many of the same accessories that help you organize at home will help with your RV closets as well. Hanging organizers are one of the best ideas for maximizing wardrobes with hanger space. Over-the-door hangers or towel bars can also help with space optimization. An over-the-door shoe organizer in the bathroom provides 24 pockets which can house the whole family’s toiletries, hair brushes, even blow dryers and a first aid kit.

A scrutinizing look through your RV’s closets and storage areas can help you get picture what closet space ideas may work for you. Stackable drawers, bins or shelves can also help you make use of more of your closet space. Thinking through the lens of small RV living can help maximize space even when you have a larger RV.

Don’t Need Big Spaces? Add Shelves!

Speaking of shelves, with a little DIY knowledge, you can add shelves to almost any RV closet or compartment. Shelves, especially with adjustable heights, can help keep your stored items organized and your closets looking tidy.

Your RV is your home away from home, so don’t be afraid to bust out the power drill and some screws to add your personal touches. RVs are perfect for customizing! Depending on the height of your closet, you may decide on a two-tier closet rod system. You can custom build one if you enjoy DIY projects, or purchase a hanging two-tier system to instantly double the space in your closet for just a few dollars.

The Best Options for Real RV Closets

The best tip of all for getting the most out of your RV closet space is to buy an RV built with storage in mind. Prioritizing your needs can help you decide which RV fits your lifestyle. If closet space it at the top of your list, you may choose a model with walk-in closets. In addition to standard overhead compartments, many Cherokee and Wildwood models have beautiful, real RV closets.

Some of these models even have full wardrobes that offer significant space over other RVs.

Top Picks for Models with Roomy RV Closets

Top Cherokee Models

The Cherokee Grey Wolf model 27DBH is a great option for those looking for real RV closet space. In addition to the full closet, it has two additional wardrobes and two outside storage bays for plenty of storage space.

The interior makes full use of its space, while still feeling roomy. It’s a perfect family trailer, especially with the double bed bunk beds! Take the virtual tour!

Top Wildwood Models

If you’re looking for a Wildwood model that has a true RV closet, the Wildwood 26DBUD is a great option. Like the Grey Wolf, it has plenty of closet space and wardrobe space for your whole family.

The full list of standard features make it comfortable for relaxing at any campsite. Our favorite feature is the skylight over the tub! You can see more information about the 2019 Wildwood here.

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