RV Wholesale Superstore’s Favorite RV Factory Tours in the United States

When you shop for a new RV, it’s never easy. Veteran and newcomers alike need a lot of information and investigation to find the right RV. One of the best ways to learn about RVs and the manufacturers behind them is to watch them be built from the ground up! Most major manufacturers offer RV factory tours, so you can see the process and care that goes into making each vehicle.

Not sure where to start? Read on to learn about our favorite place in America to experience RV factory tours, along with two tours we recommend as must-sees for your trip!

Man using sealant during construction of an RV travel trailer.

Elkhart County, Indiana: The Trailer Capital of the World

If you’re looking for the best in RV factory tours, you’re going to end up in Elkhart County, Indiana. Why? Because for every two RVs that you see on the road today, one of them was manufactured in Elkhart County. This center of industry for recreational vehicles started all the way back in 1936. A combination of one early RV retailer and Elkhart being a center for major highways and railroads made it an accessible and popular source to ship out goods. It only took until the 1940s before Elkhart was being referred to as the Trailer Capital of the World.

Our Favorite RV Factory Tours

In all of Elkhart County, you can find over a dozen RV factories that offer tours to visitors. When you plan to buy a new RV, or if you’re just interested in the process behind your travel trailer, it’s worth the visit to see these vehicles built from start to finish! To get you started, here are two factories that are popular tour destinations which we recommend:

Forest River Industries

Rear angle of a Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel trailer.

Location: Goshen, Indiana

Forest River is well-known for their quality RVs that span from motor homes to fifth wheels and more. Offering many of the most popular upgrades, Forest River’s factory in Goshen, Indiana is a great place to visit and see the work behind these incredibly customizable units.

Depending on the day that you visit, you’ll likely see several types of RVs being built. Because of this, the tour varies based on when you visit, so every trip is bound to be different! If you’re interested in watching a particular model being built, it would be a good idea to reach out first and see if they’re able to give you the ideal day to visit.

RV being constructed at Wildwood RV factory tour.
The experts at work during our tour of the Wildwood RV factory.

The tours at this factory often last around two hours, and introduce you to everything from fabricating the flooring and laminate to weighing the completed unit after it’s finished. Throughout the tour, you’ll get a chance to see the employees designing various parts of the RVs. Your tour guide will explain each step – with plenty of time for questions!

If you own or are thinking of purchasing a Forest River RV, touring their facility is a great idea to learn about the process and expertise behind their construction.

Keystone RV Company

A Keystone Sprinter RV at All American Coach in Sylvania, OH.

Location: Goshen, Indiana

As the largest manufacturer of RVs in North America, Keystone RVs are some of the most recognizable brands on the road. With popular models like the Sprinter and Bullet lines, Keystone designs their RVs with the goal of making camping easy and enjoyable.

Like any RV factory tour, Keystone has a variety of models on their schedule to be seen. Fortunately, Keystone recently released their 2017 Tour Schedule, showing the days and times for each model.

Many who take the tour comment on how much more confident they are in their Keystone RV after seeing the stations at the factory. The quality of workers and materials that go into designing Keystone’s various RV lines are top-notch. Additionally, while you’re on the tour, you’ll likely see inspectors going over the builds with a fine-toothed comb, leaving behind pieces of tape to indicate areas that need adjustment to meet with Keystone’s standards of quality.

Making the Most of Your RV Factory Tours

RV factory worker finishing a build of a Wildwood RV.

#1. Always Try to Make a Reservation

Most factories that offer tours will have some information available on their website. This is a great place to start, but make sure to note any contact information and reach out to them. It’s not uncommon for factory tours to be by appointment only. Likewise, there are several reasons a factory may temporarily cancel tours for a day or two. Contact them ahead of time and schedule an appointment to help prevent you from making the trip only to find out you can’t take the tour.

#2. Can’t Find a Tour Listing? Reach Out!

Not every RV manufacturing plant has public information on factory tours that they offer. It can be disappointing to scour a company’s website only to discover that there doesn’t appear to be any information for a tour. Don’t give up! If you’re interested in a specific brand, try reaching out and asking if they offer tours. While this may not work for every company, it never hurts to ask!

#3. Check for Online Video Tours

Before you make plans to visit an RV factory, look online to see if they offer any videos tours. These can help you decide which tours might be interesting to you. Additionally, if you plan to take the family, it’ll help you set expectations. Not all manufacturers offer in-person tours. Video RV factory tours are a viable alternative if the brand you’re interested in doesn’t open their doors to the public.

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