Our Favorite RV Forums & Online Communities

If you are new to the RV life or a seasoned traveler looking to connect with other campers, online communities, blogs, and RV forums help you gather real-world information. Think of it this way, an online community or RV forum is your virtual campfire! This is the place you can ask questions, get answers, seek advice, and share stories of your favorite travel destinations.

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When you become an active member of an online RV forum, you learn new tricks, gain valuable insight into a variety of products, and build life-long friendships. Online communities also have the added benefit or lifting geographical restrictions – so you can connect with people all over the country or world! Take a look at our favorite RV forums and online communities:

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Top RV Forums, Communities, & Blogs

When it comes to gathering information, or sharing your own advice and experiences, we recommend the following tried-and-true online resources.

iRV2 – RV Forum

iRV2 is touted as one of the friendliest communities online and has participants from all demographics. Additionally, there is a TON of information here for RVers at any skill level, from advice for beginners to steps for building your own RV.


RVTalk – RV Forum

While most online forums will be similar in function overall, each seems to have a unique set of readers and contributors so you get a unique perspective. RV Talk is well organized and visually categorizes the menu into topics like, RV Destinations, RV Tips & Tricks, Beginning RVers, and several categories dedicated to specific types of RVs.


Forest River – RV Forum

If you own or are considering a Forest River RV, then joining the Forest River Forums is a no brainer! Membership is free and you instantly gain access to a community that has experience with your brand camper. Research new and used RVs, get technical support, and learn tips!


Keystone – RV Forum

Like with other brands, if you own or are considering a Keystone RV then you will want to be part of their online community. Find answers to your questions on Keystone models and floorplans, get tricks for camping from other Keystone owners, and get technical support.


The RV Blog

We’re not going to lie, the information we share with our customers and the RV community in our own website blog is pretty great. We make a point to share not only product information with you, but also some great RV lifestyle pieces like boondocking tips, our favorite recipe websites, and interviews with RVers like you. Check it out!


Frugal RV Travel – Blog

Think you can’t afford to travel? Think again! The couple behind the Frugal RV Travel blog shares tips for enjoying the RV life on a budget. View checklists, guides, and stories of their experiences while exploring North America.


WheelinIt – Blog

This blog shares the journey of full-time RVing couple Paul and Nina, as they travel with their great Dane and two cats. Learn tips and information about traveling with pets as well as other experiences they share.


Technomadia – Blog

Technomadia is a unique blog that follows the adventures of one couple as they travel by RV part of the year and motoryacht during the warmer months, all while working remotely in the tech industry. The blog’s name combines “tech” and “nomad” for an accurate description of their lifestyle!


RVillage – Online Community

RVillage is an online community that allows RVers to network, share, and connect both online and in real life. It is a free service that allows you to see other members located near you on a map view, check-in to your current location, socialize, and stay in touch with new friends down the road.


Build Community in An RV Forum

Even though your adventure as an RV camper may have started with your passion to see the world on your own terms, having a community of like-minded people make the trip more enjoyable! When you own an RV, you are never alone. From online RV forums to offline clubs, you’ll glean tips and tricks for everything from camp set up and equipment help to traveling with pets and favorite recipes!


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And if you happen to be a single RVer, then an online RV forum or community may be the perfect place for you to meet someone with similar interests. Loners on Wheels is a specialty RV group for single men and women that has been around since 1969, but is not a match making service. They have chapters across the U.S. that host monthly camp-outs and other activities to promote companionship and support.


Whatever your RV goals, connect with others and start making memories!

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