From tents to 5th wheels, the top RV gadgets for 2022 can help make your camping season more enjoyable this year.

Top RV Gadgets 2022 for RV Owners

The spring flowers are in bloom, birds are making their nests, and people get their RVs ready for camping season! While you give your RV a good spring cleaning, it’s also a good time to think about the top RV gadgets for 2022. Whether you have big cross-country trip planned or are getting ready for a season of weekend getaways, nothing says “ready for the season” like fresh air, fresh & clean RV, and fresh new gadgets!

#1. Bluetooth Speaker

While it’s said that life is all about the journey, as fun as being on the road is, RVing is all about enjoying your destination! With a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can bring your favorite tunes with you inside or out. Every RV should have a Bluetooth speaker and with so many options, you can always have music to enjoy. Whether it’s relaxing music for sitting around the campfire, something a little more upbeat for a game of cards or corn hole, or even to make sure you don’t miss your favorite sporting event, a portable Bluetooth speaker is an RV gadget no one should be without. Your favorite music can make your RV feel like home and can certainly make being outside more fun, but no matter your style of music, keep camping etiquette in mind and control the volume.

#2. WiFi Booster

There’s one thing you can’t be sure of when camping, a strong WiFi signal. On the road or even at your campsite, the WiFi can be unreliable. That means the next of the RV gadgets for 2022 that we recommend is a WiFi booster.

Having restricted access to your favorite electronics without a WiFi booster can be annoying. If you are working remotely, it can be downright detrimental. When you need to bring your tech to the great outdoors, a WiFi booster can help you get a better signal. For those who are full-time RVers, you know that staying connected is essential, so a WiFi booster is definitely an essential RV gadget.

#3. Single Serve Coffee Maker

Speaking of enjoying your destination, starting your day off with a fresh, hot cup of coffee is certainly high on the list. Also high on the list of RV gadgets is a single-serve coffee maker. You can easily brew a cup of coffee in less time than it would take to brew a whole pot. Single-serve coffee makers are easy to operate and portable so you can use it inside your RV or plug it in outside for easy access.

With so many pod options for coffee, not to mention tea and hot cocoa, there is something for everyone. Some single-serve coffee makers even have the option for reusable pods or paper pods which can reduce waste if you’re thinking eco-friendly. There are also many different size options, ranging from not much larger than a thermal coffee tumbler to a larger counter-top version. So, you can choose the best option for your needs and find something that you’ll be able to store away quickly and maximize space.

#4. Folding Camp Chair

Making the best use of space is part of RV life. Anything that can fold up and be tucked away when not in use is key in wasted space reduction. This makes folding chairs a top RV gadget and the folding chairs of today are uber comfortable! If you haven’t seen the folding chair options available recently, it is worth your while to look into the brands and accessories available. There are options with everything from pop-on shades to help prevent sunburn or keep you dry in the rain (goodbye umbrella!), to cup holders. Some models even have built-in side tables or foot rests providing the ultimate in relaxation. Now that’s enjoying your destination!

#5. Surge Protector

One thing that probably isn’t on the forefront of your mind when you set out on a trip is an electrical surge. But they can happen and RVs aren’t immune. No one wants to experience a power surge with pricey electronics hooked up! An important RV gadget to have is a surge protector. If you want to keep your valuable electronics safe, using a surge protector in your RV is a must and certainly worth the investment.

#6. Countertop Ice Maker

Cool mornings call for hot coffee, but when the temperatures rise, a cool beverage is in order. What better way to keep cool than with a countertop ice maker! It’s a nifty RV gadget that provides a quick and easy way to get ice when you need it without having to buy it by the bag. Like coffee makers, you can find them in all sizes. Look for the smallest one that will provide what you need so it will store away easily when not in use.

#7. Hitch Lock

The final RV gadget 2022 pick is a hitch lock. Most RVers want to make sure they have one. It’s unlikely your RV will be stolen, but the value of RVs has risen sharply with the surge in demand and shortage of materials over the past couple of years. Reliable hitch locks are inexpensive, making it a wise and affordable investment in keeping your RV safe from any would-be thieves.

No matter your plans for the season, when you’re stocking up on supplies, don’t forget to stock up on the best RV gadgets for 2022!

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