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RV Living Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

Healthy living takes practice and planning. It’s even more difficult for those that spend time on the road – just ask any long-haul trucker! If you’re considering the RV life, especially full-time RVing, it’s important that you take some time to think about your health. Read our RV living tips to help you stay healthy, even for those extra-long camping trips.

RV Living Tips: Take Driving Breaks

Few things are as unhealthy as sitting down for long periods of time. Sedentary behavior, in general, is very bad – even if you have a good reason for it, like a long-distance road trip. Not only does it encourage you to keep inactive, it also causes a variety of physiological responses in your body that are unhealthy for you.

Take a break and enjoy your RV’s outdoor kitchen.

Whether you’re driving or the passenger, it’s important to plan for short breaks every few hours. A good goal to aim for is a 15 to 20-minute break for every two hours that you’re on the road.


Stand up, stretch and try to find something active to do! You don’t need to bring your exercise equipment along to find a way to get the blood flowing for a few minutes:

  • Take a brisk walk around the rest area
  • Do jumping jacks
  • Jog around your RV

All that matters is that you get up on your feet and let your body recover from that long sit. As a bonus, you’ll be stretched and ready to have fun at your campsite when you arrive!

RV Living Tips: Hit Those Trails!

Speaking of walks – don’t spend your whole camping trip lounging around your RV! We know, it’s hard to resist all those comfortable amenities in your RV but get out and enjoy nature!

Camping promotes a healthy, natural lifestyle that gives you an opportunity to connect to your surroundings. Every major park or campsite will have a few good trails that offer breathtaking sights that only require your legs and your attention.

By Coconino National ForestBrins Mesa Trail Uploaded by AlbertHerring, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

If you properly planned your trip, you can ensure your campground will not only have a great selection of trails, but that it will also have trails which support all types of mobility. Flat, winding trails that don’t require too much agility or stamina are great for anyone. But some parks offer more challenging trails for those that want to push themselves. Either way – you’ll have something to do that’s completely free and great for your health!

RV Living Tips: Plan, Prep Meals

One of our most recommended RV living tips is to start meal planning. Why? Because of the two major benefits it offers:

Put dinner on autopilot

A classic conundrum on any camping trip: what are we eating tonight? If you’re in charge of food, it’s important to create not just healthy portions, but portions that don’t deplete your whole stock of food before the trip is over. Even if you were planning to make a run to the store during your vacation, it can ruin your plans if you have to go earlier than you thought.

Prepped meals are healthier!

Instead, having planned, portion meals means you can focus on the fun and still have great food at the ready when your stomach starts grumbling.

healthy meals are easy

Let’s face it, when you’re starving and unsure what your next meal will be, you don’t always make the best food choices. Sure, you have that sliced turkey in your RV fridge, “but there’s a great restaurant down the road,” you’ll tell yourself.

Stop it before it starts! Ready-to-go packaged meals take the effort out of your meals for the trip. Especially if you prepped them before-hand! With healthier choices and less effort required to stick to your plan, you’ll enjoy healthier home-cooked meals. And if you’re not worried about healthy foods, consider the savings you’ll avoid by skipping the restaurants!

RV Living Tips: Don’t Eat and Drive

Another common mistake that RVers can make is trying to help pass the time on the road by snacking. Mindless snacking is one of the easiest ways to massively overeat – and most of the time, it’s not healthy foods like carrot sticks or fruits.

A person driving with a phone and sandwich in their hands.

Before you know it, that bag of chips is completely gone, and your family will be shooting you glares during movie time later that night!

RV Living Tips: Get Enough Shut Eye

Your body needs sleep. It helps you recover from a long day of fun activities so that you can hop into the next day with as much exuberance as the first!

You may be tempted to push it while you’re on vacation to maximize your time engaging in fun campground activities or sightseeing. Just make sure to get enough sleep while you’re at it!

Get your sleep, so you’re ready for adventure!

Equally important is maintaining a consistent sleep schedule. If you stay up too late and try to catch up on those missed hours, you’ll run the risk of confusing your circadian rhythm. Not only is it bad for you in the short-term, it’s guaranteed to make readjusting back to your normal schedule much harder.

Lastly, being well-rested is a necessity for anyone that will be taking turns driving. Despite RVs being surprisingly easy to travel with, they’re still a huge responsibility for you on the road when it comes to safety! Dozing off at the wheel is dangerous even without an RV in tow – for you and everyone else on the road.

RV Living Tips: Exercise

Another great RV living tip for staying healthy is to stay consistent with your exercise routines too. If you’re a runner, walker, cyclist or love going to the gym, find a way to bring your exercise with you!

Running and walking is easy almost anywhere you go. But your RV makes it easier to bring equipment like your bicycle or some weights to help keep you on your exercise plan no matter where you go.

Just make sure to secure your exercise equipment! You don’t want dumbbells flying across the RV if you need to make a sudden stop.

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