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RV Mistakes Common with New RV Owners

Venturing into new territory can be overwhelming. For new RV owners, the allure of freedom and relaxing road trips can cause you to drive your new RV off the lot and straight towards a campsite. Wait just a second! Before you begin your exciting new RV lifestyle, read about common RV mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Not Calling Ahead

As you plan your very first trip, don’t get lost in the excitement and forget to do your due diligence! Despite the well-kept websites for many of the national or local parks across the country, you need to take the time to reach out to them over the phone.

The most important part of this is setting up your reservation. There’s no worse feeling than when you take your new RV to your destination only to find out that every site is already booked. This can be a real problem if you were expecting a long-term RV camping trip out at your favorite park!

You’ll also be able to inquire about other important information for your trip:

  • Activities available
  • Best times of year to camp
  • Any emergency closings/issues

Not every campsite has to-the-minute details for their grounds available online. You’ll always save yourself some trouble if you just take a few minutes to call ahead first!

Skipping the Exterior Inspection

Whether you’re about to start your vacation or packing up after a camping trip, you need to do an exterior inspection. There are a lot of pieces and parts to RVing – slide-outs, doors, awnings and more. It’s critical to make sure these are road-ready before you pull onto a major road or highway.

Any time you plan to drive or tow your RV, do a quick exterior walkaround. Examine any moving parts and make sure everything is where it belongs. If you have chairs and other gear near your RV, put it away first. This helps to prevent visual obstructions, so you can get a clear look at your entire RV. You also don’t want to leave anything behind!

A walkaround only takes a minute or two at most. But it can prevent accidents or mistakes that might cost you hours or more. There’s no benefit to skipping your walkaround – make it part of your routine every time you travel!

Trying to See Too Much

Owning an RV opens the doors and gives you a new freedom that you likely have never experienced before. With that new freedom, you may get the urge to visit a million places and do a million things. Slow down!

The best part of RV camping is knowing that you’re traveling and sleeping on your own time. Unlike hotels, RV camping is inexpensive and flexible, allowing you to set up in campsites and other locations all over the country. There’s no need to pack your itinerary too tightly, and doing so can overwhelm you or ruin the relaxation you would typically get from camping.

Ignoring Maintenance

Like any vehicle, you need to spend time maintaining your RV. Unlike typical cars or trucks, however, RV maintenance can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, once you learn the parts to your RV, you’ll find out that it’s actually very intuitive!

Maintaining an RV is similar to maintaining a house. You need to spend time cleaning the interiors, washing the exterior and making sure that your appliances are running well. If you frequently check in on your batteries, water tanks and more, you’ll find that they’re very easy to manage.

For major RV maintenance, like winterizing or de-winterizing your RV, there are plenty of resources online (like our blog!) that can help you become a well-informed RV owner.

Buying the Wrong RV

With all the types of RVs available to you, a newcomer to the RV world might not know which will be best for them. Don’t make decisions until you fully understand what each type of RV can offer. You may think you’re being a savvy shopper choosing a small RV at the lowest cost, only to realize it doesn’t have enough room for the whole family. On the flip side, you don’t always need the most luxuriously-sized model if you plan to go on trips by yourself!

Do you research! You can learn all about different types of RVs on your own. After that, you can visit us and we’ll be able to answer your questions and help narrow down your search until we find the perfect model for you.

Not Knowing Your RV Height and Weight Limits

When you decide on your RV, the most important two numbers you should learn are its height and its weight limit. These numbers are critical to RV safety!

Even a massive truck won’t be as tall as an RV. In most circumstances, the height of your RV won’t be an issue. The open road is easy enough to travel. But many overhangs, overpasses and tunnels require you to be very aware of the maximum clearance to prevent an accident.

Likewise, the weight limit of your RV is important to know as you begin to load up your own luggage, entertainment and passengers. You never want to overload your RV, and you can’t avoid the issue if you don’t know how much is too much!

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