RV Pest Control: Protect Your RV from Mice, Ants & More

You love camping and you love nature. However, there are some things in nature that you’d rather stay out in nature and not join you in your camper! We’ll discuss three common pests and how to deter them from taking up residence in your RV.

What Are the Most Common RV Pests?

One of the most common pests is mice. While they may be cute, they are small, sneaky and invasive and can get into your home and your camper. It can be a nightmare trying to get them out of your RV if they get in. They can destroy cushions as well as woodwork, and they can get into food and leave little surprises everywhere.

Insects are everywhere in parks and forests. Some are annoying but harmless such as flies near the dinner table. But an infestation of bees, ants or mosquitoes could be enough to ruin your trip.

Snakes are a part of nature, but generally the part of nature most don’t want to discover – especially in your RV!  Snakes love shade and your RV produces a lot of it.  Snakes are great hiders so they can be startling to find where you don’t expect them.

Tips for RV Pest Control

Screens Are Critical

A screen helps keep insects out, but they can find their way in anywhere. In addition to screen doors, considering using screen material on other vents that may otherwise allow intruders in.

Don’t overlook repairs. One small tear is enough for even mice to work their way in. Repairing screen doors right away is an important deterrent to pests.

Fill Holes

Holes or gaps in your RV are perfect entries for mice. They can squeeze their way in through spaces that look impossibly small for a mouse. Check for any cracks, gaps or holes – especially near the tires where they could easily climb up. There are expanding foam products available that makes sealing those gaps easy.

Clean Up After Yourself

Your camper doesn’t have to sparkle, but cleaner RVs are less attractive to pests. However, if you leave food out or don’t clean up your crumbs, they’ll gravitate towards your vehicle. Keep your RV clean decreases the chances that pests will bother you but it also makes it easier to find them if things are orderly and free of clutter.

Clean sink surrounded by countertop.
Clean up after yourself to prevent pest infestation.

Treat Exteriors for Insects

Look for potential entry points all over your RV for roaches and insects. There are sprays and treatments you can use to prevent them from coming in.  Nooks and crannies around the RV are good spots for traps. Often a favorite route for insects is your camper’s jacks. You can use traps or sprays on them to deter pests from entering.

Keep Food Sealed

Plastic containers with airtight lids are a great way to store food and avoid attracting pests. Dry food like cereal doesn’t come in perfectly sealed containers, so bugs and mice can find a way to get to your food. Transfer cereal, crackers, even your s’more supplies to airtight containers to keep them safe from infestation. Additionally, it keeps them fresh from the humidity (good bye stale, soggy crackers) and safe from accidentally spilling during travel.

Easy Pest Repellents

Mothballs are an effective way to repel pests – if you don’t mind the smell. However, some of the best pest repellents are simple and natural. Peppermint oil works well to repel mice. A small bottle tucks easily away with your camping gear so it is always available – and, unlike moth balls, peppermint smells good.  To naturally repel flies, try fresh Basil. It, too, will leave your camper smelling much better than moth balls!

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