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RV Tailgating Tips & Tricks for Safe Outdoor Fun

If you have an RV chances are you love the great outdoors, or at least have an affinity for fresh air and fun. Good news! The great outdoors may be as close as your next RV tailgating party! No matter the event or the motivation, RV tailgating can bring the best of camping to the nearest parking lot or event. Let’s look at some tips and tricks for safe outdoor fun while RV tailgating.

RV Tailgating – Fun Away from the Campsite

Camping isn’t the only way to enjoy your RV. Think about it: your RV is a mobile entertainment center! You can travel anywhere and have amenities at your fingertips that other vehicles can’t offer. This is why RVs are the perfect vehicles for tailgating! They have awnings, kitchens, and extra space for games and fellowship.

RV tailgating, as opposed to tailgating with other vehicles, also gives you the added benefit of having your own space to retreat if you need to take a break, a cool area away from the heat, or a private place to use the bathroom.

When you take into consideration the current conditions where social distancing is important, an outdoor gathering like an RV tailgating party is likely one of the safest options you have. And while tailgating parties are commonly associated with sporting events – especially football – they can be for any reason. So, no matter what the fall sports lineup looks like this year, you can still plan some RV tailgating fun for a charity or social event, or just to gather with friends!

Tips for Your Next RV Tailgating Event

Call Ahead

When traveling with your RV it is important to know the lay of the land at your destination. So, whether it’s a stadium, parking lot or field, if you call ahead it can save you major headaches upon arrival. It’s important to remember that not all locations are designed for RVs so you’ll need to pay special attention to parking and backing up if and when it’s necessary. Some locations may require you to enter at a specific entrance. Also remember that many times RV tailgating may have additional fees for the added space required. Calling ahead will provide the information you need to be prepared when you arrive.

Arrive Early

No matter what vehicle you have or what event you are attending, you can be sure that the best parking spots are going to go quickly. With RV tailgating, arriving early can provide you the added time to find a great spot if you are attending an event that doesn’t have parking assigned in advance.

There is always preparation and set up involved with RV tailgating, so it’s good to give yourself extra time to prepare your RV even if you have assigned parking. You’ll be glad to have the extra time to set up tables, chairs, fire up the grill or outdoor kitchen, and arrange any other outdoor items you brought along for the day.

Be Prepared to Power Your RV

Unlike camping, many tailgate locations do not offer typical RV hookups. If you think of your RV tailgating party like a mini boondocking adventure, you’ll be well-prepared for the day. This means thinking ahead if you plan to utilize the electrical amenities in your RV. Charging your batteries, taking advantage of solar power, or bringing along a generator if necessary are all great ways to make sure your RV has the power needed to pull off a successful RV tailgating experience. It can even be a “dry run” for you if you’ve been thinking about a boondocking camping trip but haven’t tried it yet.

Buy an RV with an Outdoor Kitchen

While you can enjoy an RV tailgating party with any type of kitchen, an outdoor kitchen can really make a difference in your tailgating experience. RVs with outdoor kitchens generally have everything you need to cook and grill your food, store cold drinks and wash your hands frequently – all without ever having to step foot inside your RV! This means whoever is the grill master or head chef won’t be stuck inside the RV while everyone else is outside. You’ll have plenty of time outside to enjoy the event and not miss any of the action.

Clean Up Before You Go

Although RV tailgating is not camping, it is important to treat a public space with respect, just like you would at a traditional campsite. So remember to follow camping etiquette and leave your area as nice as it was when you arrived.

It is important to bring trash bags with you so you are able to keep the area clean as you tailgate. This will ensure that end-of-party cleanup will be much quicker. Make sure to do a thorough inspection before you drive off. Walk all around the area to make certain that no signs you were there are left behind!

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