Tips from RV Weekend Warriors

Everyone uses their RV in their own unique way. Some take to the road as a permanent lifestyle, while others only use RVs for sporadic vacations. However, most RV enthusiasts count the hours until Friday afternoon, when they can put away their work clothes and pull out their camping gear for Saturday and Sunday. These RV weekend warriors make the most of their free time by enjoying short, but frequent, escapes to the wilderness.

We asked some RV weekend warriors what their best tips are for maximizing their RV camping time. Read on to see what they had to say!

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Tips from RV Weekend Warriors

#1. Choose Your Location Carefully

Everyone agrees that when it comes to being an RV weekend warrior, it’s all about location. Turning your weekends into camping vacations means focusing on the destination. Every minute you spend on the road is one where you aren’t relaxing. No matter where you are, you should be able to find a location within an hour or two that can provide you with a full weekend of fun.

You’d be surprised how many great locations are just around the corner, especially if you’re in the Midwest! There’s always a nearby campsite or park that gives you an opportunity to disconnect from your day-to-day life and enjoy the wild. If you love to dry camp, the opportunities are nearly endless!

Do your research as part of your pre-trip preparations. Look online, ask your friends and make some calls to find out which locations will serve you best.

#2. Pack Light

Just like picking your location, it’s important to pack appropriately. Remember, you’ll only be away from home for a day or two. You will surprise yourself with how little you truly need to bring on a two-day trip!

One recommendation was to plan a “universal” packing list. This would be a one-time list that covers the essentials: clothing, food and fun. Once you narrow that list down to as small as possible, use it for every trip! And if you discover during your weekend escape that you need more or less, revise the list for next time. You’ll eventually end up with a system that drastically cuts down on your time packing – not to mention unpacking when you get back!

#3. Keep Your Food Plan Simple

Eating healthy is always important, but healthy eating doesn’t mean complicated. When you’re trying to make the most of a weekend trip, don’t force your RV chef to spend too much time in the kitchen. Cold cuts for lunch and cereal for breakfast will make meal prep faster and cheaper. After all, you don’t want to waste your Friday night shopping when you could be at the campground already!

One of our weekend warriors prefers to take a little time earlier in the week prepping and storing food in containers to pack. That way when the weekend rolls around, they just throw it all in the fridge or an extra cooler and hit the road. Sometimes its leftovers, sometimes it’s easily reheated meals or even just cold sandwiches! There are plenty of options and you’ll quickly figure out what works best for your family.

#4. You Don’t Have to Do Everything at Once

Remember, you’re an RV weekend warrior! That means you have 52 weekends out of the year to get in all your fun plus vacation time. Depending on the campgrounds or parks near you, there may be a lot to do. Between hiking trails, fishing, sightseeing and more – it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get it all done in just two days per visit. So, don’t try! Take your time and be in the moment. If you loved a particular location, you can always go back next week.

If you live near a national park, there may be so many options to see that you’d need to spend weeks to take it all in. It’s not a race, so plan your itinerary but don’t set it in stone. Just relax and enjoy the trip.

#5. Have an Unpacking Process

One of the toughest parts of any weekend RV trip is coming home. The fun part is over, everyone is exhausted and you need to get ready for the week again. The only thing that can make it more frustrating is spending your whole Sunday evening unpacking every single week. You can avoid it all by having a plan and getting everyone on board.

If you packed light, it shouldn’t be tough to get everyone involved in unpacking. Let the kids put away their clothes and toys while you take care of the fridge and any other routine cleanup. Once you have a system, you’ll be settled down in your favorite chair in no time.

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