RV window cleaning is important for any RV; and a clean windshield is crucial for visibility when driving a motorhome.

RV Window Cleaning Guide for a Crystal-Clear View

Clean windows provide an unobstructed, crystal-clear view. The next best thing to being outside is having a picture-perfect view of it from inside your RV. Crisp views are only possible through squeaky clean windows, so we’ve put together these tips to provide an RV Window Cleaning Guide that will leave you with views so clear they sparkle.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip RV Window Cleaning

First and foremost, clean windows promote good visibility. This is true both for driving motorhomes as well as for enjoying the sights along the way if you’re a passenger. It also improves the view from your travel trailer or fifth wheel when you arrive and settle in at your destination.

Additionally, you’d be surprised at the amount of dirt and debris that can accumulate on windows, window seals, and in the grooves and pockets around them. You can spend hours cleaning your RV but unless you clean the windows, it won’t really feel completely clean.

Finally, clean windows help reduce the symptoms of allergies. Think about all of the pollen, dust and other allergens the wilderness has to offer. When you’re traveling in an RV, even the trip to and from wilderness areas is enough to collect an RV full of allergens. If you neglect cleaning the windows, screens, and the areas around the windows, chances are high that dust hidden in these areas may trigger your allergies. An ounce of allergen prevention with a good RV window cleaning can be worth a pound of antihistamine!

What You Need to Clean Your RV Windows

Before you start on cleaning your windows, you’ll need a few supplies

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are wonderful when it comes to cleaning windows and should be a part of any RV window cleaning arsenal. This fabulous material won’t scratch surfaces and, since it does not leave lint behind like cotton cloths, provides a streak-free shine to your windows. Microfiber cloths are also reusable, so they reduce the waste from disposable options like paper towels.

There are split-fiber microfiber cloths that are highly absorbent and great at trapping dirt and dust. These are ideal for cleaning the window seals, grooves and pockets where the most dust and dirt gather and hide. These cloths are identified by their super absorbency and, if you run them over your hand, will catch on any rough skin. For cleaning the surface of your windows, a non-split fiber cloth will clean well, is non-smearing, and will not scratch the surfaces. This type of microfiber cloth is very soft and smooth and is regularly used for cleaning eyeglasses, camera lenses and computer screens.

Window Cleaner

When conducting your RV window cleaning routine, if you’re just using plain water it can leave streaks. To avoid streaks and residue on your windowpanes, there are several choices above and beyond just using water. Adding vinegar and a drop or two of dish detergent to plain water will boost the cleaning power and reduce streaking.

You may also want to try commercially manufactured window cleaners such as Windex® and other similar spray cleaners work well for cleaning windows. Especially good for the interior windshields of motorhomes, Invisible Glass® is trusted in the automotive industry as it was created especially to clean and remove the film or haze that builds up on the interior windshield. It is ammonia-free and safe to use on tinted windows.

With many types of RVs, many types of windows, and many options of cleaning solutions, you may want to try several different cleaners to find out which gives you and your windows the cleanest results!

Extendable Squeegee/Wiper

In addition to microfiber cloths, a squeegee is another great tool to add to your RV window cleaning tools. Squeegees can leave windows clean and streak-free and are best used with a water-and-dish-soap combination solution. They can be found with a microfiber edge which allows cleaning and scrubbing windows with one side and wiping away the dirt, soap and water residue with the rubber-edge side of the squeegee for a thorough RV window cleaning job.

Squeegees are also available in extendable models, or with threaded handles, which allow you to attach a long handle so that you can easily reach windows you may otherwise have skipped. This is a perfect way to clean those windows that, depending on your RV, may be nearly impossible to reach.

It isn’t just the exterior windows that may be hard to reach. Some interior windows have deep corners that make them difficult to clean. You may also have skylights which are out of reach without the squeegee extension option.


A ladder isn’t always necessary for RV window cleaning, but it is certainly a handy thing to have no matter what type of RV you have. With a ladder, you can comfortably reach those out-of-reach places to effectively and thoroughly clean them. Whether using a squeegee or microfiber cloth, a ladder gets you closer to the window surface which allows you a better angle to not only see the dirt on the windows, but the nearer you are to the window the better angle you will have to reach and clean them.

Tips for Cleaning your RV Windows

Don’t Clean in the Sun

Now that you know the best tools to use when cleaning your windows, let’s look at some other tips that can help you with your RV window cleaning routine. Warmer days may inspire you to take advantage and get outside for a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning job on your RV.

Just keep in mind that direct sunlight will heat up the windows on your RV. When your windows are warm, the evaporation process speeds up. This means it is much more likely to get streaks of cleaner on your windows on a bright, sunny day. So you can save your RV window cleaning for early mornings, later evenings or even a cloudy day. No one wants to spend their time cleaning windows only to find that they are blurrier than when they were dirty!

Tough Spots? Try Grade #0000 Steel Wool

The suggestion of using steel wool to clean windows may make you scratch your head, but this is one popular trick that won’t scratch your windows. When it comes to tough dirt or dried-on debris, one unusual RV window cleaning tool is extremely fine steel wool.

It’s important to note a couple of things before you start:

  • Be sure you only use the finest grade (0000) steel wool
  • Don’t use steel wool on your windows if they have a plastic covering

Glass is an extremely hard surface. If you’ve ever had to remove paint from a window, chances are you’ve resorted to the use of a razor blade. Grade 0000 steel wool is much finer than a razor blade, and tempered glass is much higher up on the hardness scale. This means the abrasion provided by the steel wool, even though it is very slight, is enough to assist in cleaning debris away from your windows without scratching the glass in the process.

That said, it is always best to start in a small spot in the corner of a window when using steel wool to ensure it does in fact clean without leaving scratches. If no scratches appear, the rest of the windows on your RV can be safely cleaned utilizing the 0000 grade steel wool. For a sparkling clean finish that will remove any bits of steel wool that may be left behind, you can use a basic cloth and spray, if desired.

Clean Your Blinds, Curtains & Screens Too

Never miss the opportunity to clean everything associated with your windows in the RV window cleaning process. Removing the curtains and blinds will not only make it easier to access your RV windows for cleaning, but affords the perfect opportunity for cleaning and laundering your window coverings.

Window RV screens are another grime collector. Even if they don’t look too bad, dirt and dust undoubtedly accumulate there. If you’re doing a thorough cleaning job, get rid of that dirt on those screens with good old fashioned soap and water. Keep them clean by periodically wiping them down with a cloth. It will reduce the dust and allergens as well as make the next round of deep RV window cleaning easier.

Pay Attention to the Window Seals

It can be easy to overlook the rubber of your window seals. They, too, can collect a lot of dust and it’s important to keep them in good shape to ensure proper heating and cooling throughout the camping season.

One thing to be aware of is the fact that these seals can dry out. Additionally, using a harsh cleaner can degrade the rubber. Be sure to use a specialized rubber cleaner or a mild dish detergent to effectively clean them without harming them.

Once your windows, seals, screens, blinds and curtains have all been cleaned your RV window cleaning project will be complete and your views from both the road and your campsite will be crystal clear!

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