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Navigate RV Travel with Toddlers or a Baby with These 6 Easy Tips

Even the most experienced campers can feel thrust right back into being a novice when baby makes three. RV travel with toddlers or a baby – even to that favorite, familiar campsite – makes every moment a new adventure. Here are some simple tips to help you navigate camping and parenthood when it comes to RVing with young children.

It Starts with the Right RV

Often, the tent-camping lifestyle looks a lot different through newborn-parent eyes. If you’re searching for your first RV, choosing the right one can make a world of difference no matter the length of your trip.

A growing family is often motivation for an RV upgrade. Consider RVs with slide-outs. The extra space can help make it easier to fit things like a crib – a necessity for safe sleeping. The added floor space also gives your child more room to live and play as they grow. This is especially important for active toddlers when the weather is bad and they can’t be outside.

When choosing the right layout ultimately will make sure you have a good solution for where they will sleep – now and in the future. A bunkhouse may seem like overkill right now, but babies grow quickly! And if you’re planning to have more children, the right sleeping arrangements are a must. Remember to think about storage space. It is amazing the extra cargo you’ll have when planning RV travel with toddlers. There’s a lot needed to keep them safe and comfortable.

Learn Your State’s Car Seat Laws

Car seat laws differ from state to state. If you have a motorhome, these laws apply to your RV as well. Since you’ll be able to use your car seat in the tow vehicle, there won’t be any issues if you have a travel trailer or other towable RV. Babies can be distracting so getting comfortable towing an RV before you try to take a trip with your baby along is a wise time investment.  

Babyproof Your RV Like Your Home

RVs pose some unique challenges when babyproofing as well as the typical home risks. You’ll want to address the standard babyproofing areas you may already be use to such as:

  • Locking cabinets that house cleaning chemicals
  • Covering outlets
  • Locking drawers containing sharp objects
  • Installing guards for RV kitchen appliances

With RVs, there can be special challenges not found at home like:

  • Blocking RV staircases in 5th wheels
  • Locking toilet lids (to prevent unwanted objects getting lost in your black tank)
  • Securing RV windows since seats, beds and dinette booths put windows in arm’s reach

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean babyproofing takes a vacation. In fact, when you’re preparing for RV travel with toddlers or a baby it’s even more important because the smaller space means nearly everything is within reach, and babies, especially toddlers, are fast!

Visit Parks with the Right Amenities

A fun RV trip means the whole family has fun, including young children. Look for parks and campgrounds that have something your baby/toddler can enjoy. Many parks have splash pads, swimming pools, playgrounds, or other easy activities.

RV parks with electrical hookups and water hookups are also something to consider. Unless you have solar to charge your battery, it’s easier to move about in the dark when you can turn the lights on with electrical hookup. It can also be a big help in the evenings if winding down after a big day of activity can include a little entertainment like watching an episode of their favorite show. Electricity also helps if baby likes to sleep with a nightlight.

Likewise, having water hookup supplies the bath water because children inevitably get dirty from a fun camping expedition or a diaper disaster!

Think About Safer Camping Options

While there is nothing wrong with camping remotely, if you typically enjoy boondocking, when you’re planning RV travel with toddlers you may want to rethink your destinations. If you are comfortable with being off the grid, just make sure you have emergency plans should the need arise.

Some alternate destinations include family-friendly campgrounds. There’s also the option of camping with family or friends. You’ll have extra help taking care of your baby, you may even be able to sneak in a precious nap if someone else is helping take care of your child.

Shorter trips that keep you closer to home can reduce the stress of RV travel with a baby. Should your RV have tire trouble or something happen to your tow vehicle while you’re on the road, you won’t be far from help. Getting lost or encountering car trouble can be stressful enough, but adding a young child in the mix who may be tired and cranky doesn’t make for a relaxing vacation. Also, when you stick nearby, there’s more time to enjoy your destination!

When you plan well and choose family-friendly camping locations, RV travel babies or toddlers becomes a pleasant adventure and you will create memories that last a lifetime.  

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