Small RV Living: Purge, Repurpose & Donate Your Stuff

RVs are your home away from home. But even in the most luxurious RV, you need to downsize your life to make it all fit. This is especially true for small RV living. When you want to make every square foot count, it’s important to take stock of your equipment and clothing to only bring what’s necessary.

Woman living in small RV parked at a campground.

Managing Everything in Your RV

Donate Clothes & Appliances

Every RV owner has stuff in their RV that they haven’t used since it was originally packed. An overstocked RV is one of the most common issues with any traveler. In fact, you could have a Class A and still pack too much for the space inside – it’s only with experience that you learn what you don’t need.

Just because you don’t need it doesn’t mean it’s useless, though. You can take your unused items and donate them to your charity or non-profit of choice.

Repurpose Everything

If you’re crafty, you can find a unique way to repurpose things you don’t need. For instance, you can take an old blanket you didn’t want to make thicker curtains for your RV. During the summer months, an extra thick curtain can help you keep out the sun and cool you down.

Making your own unique modifications to your RV is what helps make it feel like home.

Purge Your RV

For everything else, don’t be afraid to purge it. If you have no use for the items in your RV, and they can’t be donated, it’s not your obligation to keep them. Sometimes you outgrow your fashion choices from a few years ago, and sometimes your appliances just aren’t worth the hassle.

If you’re not ready to give them up, you can move them into your home or storage. But chances are, if you haven’t touched these clothes or tools year after year, they’re ready to go. All you can do with these things is pitch them in the trash or recycle them. Your RV’s storage space is precious, so don’t lose an inch to anything that hasn’t earned its place.

Organizing Your Small RV Living Space

The most important thing you can do when living in a small RV is take the time to properly organize your space. Every cabinet, shelf and closet are important when it comes to fitting what you need for an extended trip.

Only Pack What You Need

Keeping your living space livable starts with only bringing the essentials. Everything from food to clothes to the equipment you pack should be thoroughly considered before putting it in your RV. Even small RVs have a surprising amount of space for storage – but that doesn’t mean you want every inch of your interior lined with luggage.

Packrats should consider tracking the items they bring to see if they’re really worth the space they take up. Bring a notepad or create a list on your phone. As you use appliances, equipment, or wear outfits, leave a check next to them. At the end of your trip, if you notice you have items that don’t get checked, ditch them.

The one exception to this rule: emergency supplies and tools for repairs. Hopefully you never need to use them on the road, but they need to be packed every trip!

Plan to Shop on Your Trip

Do you avoid grocery stores during your travels? You shouldn’t! It’s always tempting to try and pack your RV full of food so that you never have to leave the campgrounds. But for longer stays, you’ll be limiting yourself to foods that don’t perish quickly – not to mention all the space dedicated to storing dry food.

Quick trips to a local supermarket won’t ruin your trip. You may even get a chance to enjoy the local flavors and specialty items. Adventures you take include every part of the trip – even the ones you may think are mundane.

Clean as You Go

This tip is as true for home life as it is for small RV living. Don’t put things down; put them away. Your RV vacations should be relaxing, but not when it comes to cleanliness. Every out-of-place item, piece of trash or unwashed pan just takes more space that’s already at a premium.

Especially for new RV owners that need to build good habits, make sure to take cleaning your RV seriously. Not only can you help make it feel more inviting and comfortable, you can prevent silly mistakes that lead to damage.

Buy What Fits

Modern shopping couldn’t be easier. With online stores, you can find almost anything in minutes. There are thousands of foldable, storable, or stackable versions of everyday items you know and love. If you take the time to find them, you can cut your used RV space in half.

Get creative and find items that fill as many roles as possible. The more it can do, the less you need to pack. Packing smarter lets you enjoy the small RV life without having to downsize.

Fill Your Wardrobe with Durable Clothing

Camping can be messy. The standard method to stay clean is to pack plenty of changes of clothes. In an RV, this can quickly overrun your storage space with extra clothes, even just for a weekend trip. Instead, consider buying rugged clothes that can withstand the elements and thorough washing.

A few high-quality outfits will serve you better in the long-run versus a mountain of cheap clothing that will rip or fade immediately.

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