Proper Storage for Travel Trailers and RVs

Proper Storage for Travel Trailers and RVs

Whether you are storing your RV for winter or simply don’t plan on traveling for a few months, you will need to know how to safely store your travel trailer. How you store it will depend on the climate and how long you plan to keep it in storage. So, we have provided a variety of travel trailer storage ideas.

Storing Your RV in Cold Conditions

The first important step for storage during the winter months is winterizing your RV. If you have successfully winterized your RV water system, select a secure, covered area if possible. Inflate the tires to the manufacturer’s suggested maximum pressure for cold weather, cover them, and place wooden boards between the tires and the ground. To make sure there are no openings or cracks, inspect window sealants, roof seams, and body seams. Any amount of water that may get into your travel trailer could cause damage in freezing temperatures, so apply sealant to any openings you may find.

Finally, make sure to check the inside, outside, and underneath of the RV for any cracks, openings, or other damages. Not only will this help you repair any damages before they worsen in storage, it will keep mice and other rodents from being able to enter your travel trailer. Leave all cabinets and compartments open, including the refrigerator. Before leaving your RV in storage, unplug appliances, disconnect your batteries, and turn off the main breaker. After all of this, your RV will be safe for winter storage.

Storing Your RV in Warm Conditions

Luckily, when storing your RV during the summer months you have less preparation work to worry about. While frozen water lines aren’t a main concern, sun damage and extreme heat are. If possible, find a travel trailer storage facility with air-conditioning. This will make your RV storage experience much easier. If you cannot find or afford an air-conditioned facility, make sure to store your RV indoors or in a shaded area. Keeping travel trailers out of the sunlight is important for protecting the graphics and finish of the RV.

To keep rodents and small animals from entering your RV while it is not in use, seal off any openings or holes in the RV. Bronze wool is a good material to use for this because it does not rust in humidity. Also make sure to cover any windows with curtains or sun shades to protect the interior from too much sun exposure. Tires dried by sun damage can easily crack, leading to leaks or possibly blowouts. To prevent this, also cover your tires if your RV cannot be stored in an indoor space. Finally, disconnect your battery and wrap the disconnected cables with electrical tape.

When leaving your RV in storage it is also important to protect against break-ins. Because modern travel trailers are packed full of valuable technology, they are often targets of theft. If you’re storing your travel trailer outdoors, read this blog about securing your RV.

Properly stored RVs will last for years. This recent trade is 15 years old and in excellent condition.


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