Storing Valuables in Travel Trailers

Installing Safes to Store Valuables in Travel Trailers

When traveling across the country, it’s necessary to have a secure place to store your belongings. Despite the reliability of RVs to take you to your destination, there is a surprising lack of travel trailer security. Despite the many storage compartments that an RV comes equipped with, there is one major flaw in RV locks.
They most of them have the same lock-set.

That’s right, virtually every brand of travel trailers uses a CH751 key for its compartmental storage. Even worse—a CH751 key can be purchased online for less than two dollars. This has made travel trailers easy targets for thieves who know their way around an RV. So, if you were planning to store your wallet, electronics, or other valuables in your RV storage compartments, think again.

Fortunately, purchasing an RV safe is a reliable alternative for storage. In fact, several new model travel trailers and destination trailers have floor safes as a factory option. So, if you are still in the market for a travel trailer make sure to look for those with a pre-installed RV floor or wall safes.

destination trailers
Destination Trailers like the Cedar Creek Cottage provide many of the comforts of home. Designed to spend an entire season at one site, they are a target for theft. Protect you belongings by securing them whenever you are away.

If you cannot find one or already own a travel trailer without a safe, though, you still have plenty of options. Look for a safe you can have mounted in your travel trailer, preferably under the bed or inside of the closet. Because a mounted safe is permanently attached, it seriously reduces the possibility of your belongings being picked up and carried off. Always make sure that the safe is mounted securely, though, because an easily moved safe will not provide much protection.

Being somewhat easy to break into coupled with easy-to-infiltrate storage, always be aware of travel trailers thieves. If you cannot get a hold of a RV safe for your next long distance trip, think smart and leave the valuables at home.

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