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Each year is made up of 52 weeks. That means there are 52 weekend RV trip possibilities! Each season of the year brings a new look to the world around you – especially in the Midwest. Weekend trips are a great way to explore all that your state or neighboring states have to offer.

Summer beach or fishing weekend getaways cool down into fall color tours or hunting excursions while winter tubing or snowmobiling melts into spring kayaking or hiking. There is something for everyone year round and no need to take vacation days when there’s a weekend at the end of every week!

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. However, there is such a thing as free RV camping. In fact, President Roosevelt called for the creation of free campgrounds on Federal lands when he addressed Congress in 1901. (Although at that time he wasn’t referring to RVs!)

Now commonly referred to as boondocking, camping free of charge is real, but it isn’t for everyone. Boondocking isn’t officially defined but the term stems from the expression “boondocks” that refers to a remote area. Overnight RV parking places such as truck stops, Wal-Mart parking lots, or campgrounds in which RV hookups aren’t available may not necessarily seem remote, but are all generally lumped into the boondocking category.

You want to go camping to relax, unwind, and unplug, right? In the camping world tech debate of wireless vs. “less wire” even the die-hard, primitive, roughing-it campers might just make an exception for some very useful apps. You can use the best RV apps to plan your trip, find the best gas prices, or even avoid traffic back-ups.

Even off-the-grid campers can use these apps to find a remote camping area or trail to hike…how’s that for using technology to get away from technology! Besides, if you’re roughing it, once you’ve used your apps to get the best survival tips for wild camping and you’ve found the perfect remote site, you can use your phone to take a selfie to prove how rugged you are!