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People camp for all sorts of reasons. Some want to get away from the regular routine and have an excuse to cook a hot dog over the fire. Others want a vacation without the expense of a hotel room and restaurant bills. Still others want to be near the lake, the mountains or even the sand and the surf.

Then there are those who want to get away from it all, really get away. Away from all modern conveniences and get back to nature. If leaving the hustle and bustle behind sounds appealing to you, then boondocking may be just what you’ve been looking for. So, what is boondocking? Let’s look at what it is, the appeal, and where and how it’s done.

When you own an RV, the doors are wide-open for your next adventure. With the amenities and protection offered by any travel trailer, you can camp for longer and with many more options for where to set up shop. With this freedom, many are tempted to try dispersed camping. Dispersed camping is a favorite of veteran RV owners around the world. Get ready to camp like an expert, but before you go, read these critical dispersed camping tips to make your first trip a great one!

Camping is all about enjoying the outdoors and finding time to relax away from our typically busy lives. When you really want to disconnect, the best way to do it is dry camping. Also called “boondocking,” dry camping is when you take your RV somewhere away from the typical stations and hook-ups of designated campgrounds.

Without the amenities of the campground, it’s important to know how best to conserve your water and electricity to fully enjoy your trip without running into problems, especially if you’re traveling with pets. Read our RV boondocking tips to learn great ways to maximize your dry camping outing.

25 foot RV boondocking with doors open parked near trees.