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More and more RVs come equipped with slide outs. A slide out, sometimes referred to as a slide room, significantly increases the amount of living space in an RV. Many RVs now come with multiple slide outs which can turn an RV into something akin to a mansion on wheels.  Not satisfied with ”just” an RV anymore, the demand for increased real estate from RV shoppers has driven the slide-out explosion in the RV industry.

Some folks like to camp and others love to camp. But there’s a growing population who really love to get back to nature…way back. Camping off the beaten path can be an enjoyable and memorable way to get away from it all and get in touch with your wild side – the side that likes to be out in the wild. If that sounds like you, then boondocking (also known as dry camping) is for you.

Whether you are a seasoned boondocker or are looking to try dry camping, you’ll want to be sure you plan well for your trip. Planning is the way to stay safe! Let’s look at the best RV boondocking tips to ensure you have a fun, safe experience.

You want to go camping to relax, unwind, and unplug, right? In the camping world tech debate of wireless vs. “less wire” even the die-hard, primitive, roughing-it campers might just make an exception for some very useful apps. You can use the best RV apps to plan your trip, find the best gas prices, or even avoid traffic back-ups.

Even off-the-grid campers can use these apps to find a remote camping area or trail to hike…how’s that for using technology to get away from technology! Besides, if you’re roughing it, once you’ve used your apps to get the best survival tips for wild camping and you’ve found the perfect remote site, you can use your phone to take a selfie to prove how rugged you are!