Some RVs come equipped with satellite hookup, but TV service for RVs can vary dramatically.

TV Service for RVs: What Are Your Options for Binging Your Favorite Shows?

There’s a time for recreation and a time for relaxation. Watching TV can be a great way to unwind after a day of adventure or the perfect way to spend a rainy day. What are the options for binging your favorite shows from your RV? Let’s dig into the options for TV service for RVs and what the pros and cons are.

TV Service for RV Options

Streaming Services

TV entertainment has come a long way in a relatively short time. As more and more campground facilities upgrade their WiFi connections, the most common way to enjoy shows on the go has become streaming services.


Streaming services provide the widest library of content when it comes to TV service for RVs. There isn’t a huge expense with streaming service and as long as you can get a strong enough signal, it’s easily accessible. Some streaming services offer a “download before you go” option which comes in handy if you’re camping in an area with a weak signal or don’t have a WiFi booster.


While each streaming service is relatively inexpensive, it can add up quickly when you want to keep up with all the various services. Spotty mobile data signals are another issue. If you choose to camp in remote locations far away from campgrounds with Wifi, you may not get the best TV service for RVs – not to mention really hogging your internet bandwidth.


Satellite TV service for RVs was the leader in RV TV options for years. Many RVs still come pre-wired for satellite but with the many other options that are becoming widely available, it’s difficult to judge how long satellite will be near the top of the list of options of TV service for RVs.


One of the finest things about satellite TV is the great selection of channels most services offer. There’s a much better chance of getting a signal in the middle of nowhere with satellite – a great pro for boondockers. There are also some pay-as-you-go options available with satellite which can appeal to weekend RV warriors who don’t want to miss the big game.


One of the biggest cons with satellites is the trouble with reception when camping in an area with overhead obstructions. While satellites can be great for remote locations, if you enjoy boondocking deep in the woods surrounded by trees, satellite might not be your best bet. Surprisingly, even bad weather can interrupt the TV service for RVs using satellite. This can be a real inconvenience if you’re watching the weather channel!

Another drawback can be the expense. Satellite requires a physical upgrade to your RV. Even if yours comes pre-wired for satellite, you still have to purchase the actual system. It also becomes another thing to remember and maintain when caring for your RV.

Camp Cable

Planning trips to include campgrounds that have direct cable hookups is one way to ensure TV service for RVs.


Cable hookup is generally a reliable TV service for RVs because it’s hardwired to your RV. The selection of channels is usually good but it is dependent on the campground’s service plan, so it can vary.

If you’re a frugal camper, cable is one of the best options because you only have to worry about it when you’re using it and there’s little to maintain.


One notable drawback with cable TV service for RVs is that it requires extra hookups for your RV. Also, hooking up to anything at all when you’re camping in remote areas means cable TV is not an option. Not all campgrounds offer cable hookup, so if that is what you’re relying on as TV service for your RV, it’ll require doing some research beforehand. And remember, even if the campground offers cable, you may not always get access to the channels you want.

Over the Air Antennas

Who says there’s no such thing as free entertainment? If you’re big on patience and low on pickiness, you can get plenty of free TV Service for RVs with the old rabbit ears.


The best thing about antennas is that there isn’t much of an investment necessary. With this TV option, you can spend as much as your budget allows for an RV upgrade to get the antenna of your choice. Antennas can technically be used anywhere which makes it a good option for boondocking or dispersed camping. Antennas may be old fashioned in the grand scheme of TV service for RVs, but even if the variety is limited, they provide distraction on longer trips and generally access to the major networks for local news and weather.


If you are particular about the shows you watch, antennas may not be for you due to the very limited options in terms of channels. Antennas are another upgrade to your RV that you’ll have to maintain. The reception you get on your antenna will vary quite a bit depending on your location.

They are also not the option for anyone with low levels of patience. It can be a tedious task to manually adjust the antenna to get a clear signal – which can be lost the moment someone stands up to get a snack. It’s a phenomenon that could really test your self-control, especially because the signal tends to go out right at the best part of a movie or right before the winning touchdown of the game!

So, whether your motivation is relaxation, distraction, or binging your favorite show, choose the best TV service for RVs that works for you, your budget, and your camping style.

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