Wildwood Northwest Camper 2020 model parked out by the mountains.

Enjoy a Better Experience with Wildwood Camper 2020 Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers

It’s a beautiful morning. You are the first one up and you are looking forward to enjoying the sunrise. It is still a bit chilly, so rather than go outside just yet, you sit down at the table. But before you can take the first sip of freshly brewed coffee, someone else wakes up and sleepily walks past. Their simple footsteps are enough to wobble the camper and jostle your coffee cup. And there you have it, a perfect morning ruined by spilled coffee slopping out of your cup.

Now you don’t have to cry over spilled milk (or coffee creamer). The wobbly days of camping are over. The Wildwood camper 2020 upgrades include JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers which will make spilled coffee, and other shaky camper woes, a thing of the past.

The New JT’S Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers

Previous Wildwood campers used power jacks. The power stabilizer jacks were good, but new for Wildwood X-Lite and Wildwood camper 2020 showstopper package models is JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers. Designed to eliminate movements, the JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers are a patented, universal system which make swaying and rocking a distant memory. Your camping experience in a Wildwood camper 2020 model will be a solid, steady experience with the stabilization built in from the JT’s Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers.

Benefits of JT’S Strong Arm Jacks

No More Chassis Movement When Camping

The strength of the JT’s Strong Arm Jacks Triangulation suspension reduces nearly all chassis movement when deployed. No matter what type of terrain you camp on, your Wildwood camper’s 2020 upgraded stabilizer system will make your RV feel as stable as a cement-foundation basement. So you can say goodbye to unwanted motion. No more spilled coffee when someone walks by! (However, rowdy children should still be encouraged to roughhouse outside the camper for the safety of your morning cup of Joe.)

Permanently Affixed

One of the best features of JT’s Strong Arm Jack system is the fact that you don’t need to remove and replace the stabilizers each time. This is one of the ways Wildwood camper 2020 upgrades simplify your camping life. The stabilizers are connected to your camper and they simply telescope out into position when the jacks are lowered.  This eliminates any extra steps. All you do is simply tighten the T-handles and Voila! All unwanted movement virtually disappears.

Research has shown the strength and reliability of this brand of stabilizer. In many RV forums and product reviews, the JT’ Strong Arm Jacks received stellar reviews. Customers have said these stabilizers are a must if you have kids or dogs, others have said they tried everything else but this product worked the best. One even said they should be standard equipment on all RVs.

Lo and behold, the feedback of customers has come to fruition as Wildwood camper 2020 upgrades now include them!

Heavy Duty

There is no need to wonder if the ground at your campsite will work with your RV. It will; because JT’s Strong Arm Jacks are designed with rugged camping in mind.  And you can say goodbye to worrying about stressing their supports. Each of these stabilizer jacks that come on Wildwood camper 2020 models can hold up to 5,000 pounds.

Increased Reliability

The ease and reliability of JT’s Strong Arm Jacks is at the core of their design. They utilize triangulation technology to stabilize your new Wildwood camper 2020 model which virtually eliminates shaking, rocking and wiggling. They are designed using race car suspension technology for longevity and durability. However stable and durable this system may be, this is not a green light to drive your RV like a race car!

Accessories for Customizability

JT’s Strong Arm Jacks have a full line of accessories available. From replacement bolt kits to spacer mounts, replacement parts and tools to help make potential repairs easy are obtainable through the service department at RV Wholesale Superstore.

Wildwood Campers in 2020 Continue a Tradition of Quality

Wildwood Camper 2020 models continue in the Forest River tradition of quality. No wonder they have won multiple Trailer Life Reader’s Choice Awards throughout the years.  These campers are not only comfortable with spacious interiors and many floor plans to choose from, but they are affordable. These qualities make them a great choice for everyone.  Families – big or small – will enjoy their home away from home in a Wildwood camper.

And with the upgraded JT’s Strong Arm stabilizer, the only thing that will wiggle in your camper is an excited puppy, a hyper child or maybe just your toes as you wake up in the morning and stretch…ready to enjoy that cup of coffee – without the spills!

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