About Floor Plans with Two Queen Beds

Traveling with another couple, extended family, or older children? You need two beds! Two queen beds or double bed floor plans offer extra sleeping space, so everyone has enough room for a good night's sleep.

These floor plans are unique and are usually found in larger travel trailers, 5th Wheels, and destination RVs. Many times, one queen bed is located in a more traditional bedroom suite and the additional bed is found in the living room area as a convertible sofa.

Two queen bed floor plans offer privacy and space when you need it.

Benefits & Features

You'll find RVs offering two queen bed / double bed floor plans like travel trailers, 5th wheels, and destination RVs.

RVers choose two bedroom floor plans for several reasons. Benefits of this layout include:

  • Two large beds
  • Increased privacy for sleeping
  • Convertible couch
  • Perfect for guests and older family members

Sierra 401


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