What is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is commonly referred to as a camper, camper trailer, or caravan. Travel trailers are towed behind a truck by a hitch.

A travel trailer is like a home on wheels. It's perfect for family vacations, honeymoons, month-long adventures, and even full timing.

There are many different manufactures, makes, and models of travel trailers. Travel trailers are popular with families of all sizes because they're so versatile and offer a range of floorplans.

Inside a Travel Trailer

  • Creative Floor Plans
  • Appliances (LCD TVs, refrigerators, microwave ovens)
  • Bath/Shower Units
  • Spacious King & Queen Beds
  • Functional, Convertible Furniture
  • Enhanced Appearance Packages
  • Residential Mattresses
  • Financing
  • Route 66 warranty plans

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