5 Features of a 5th Wheel Bunkhouse

Summertime is an excellent time of year to take a vacation or go on an adventure. Schools out, the weather is nice, and you can get out on the open road. According to a recent survey by AAA, road trips are the most popular type of vacations for families planning to travel in the next year. Spending time as a family is the most important part of taking a vacation and offers busy families the opportunity to share experiences and connect with each other.

Truck pulling 5th Wheel RV in Western US

Traditionally, Americans have packed up the family station wagon or van and set out on a trip to visit relatives, spend time at a national park, or go to Disneyland. But, in recent years, more and more families are opting for the convenience of an RV. RVs offer more comfort and space than other vehicles. There are many different models and brands to choose from so how do you decide? One type of RV that many families choose for their summer plans is a fifth wheel bunkhouse trailer.

What is a Fifth Wheel?

Fifth wheels, or fivers, are a great option for growing families, retirees, or travelers looking for the next great adventure. Fifth wheels are easy to tow, spacious, and feature many of the amenities you’d expect in a home including bedrooms, a living room with a TV, full kitchen, and a bathroom. Fifth wheels can easily attach and tow in the bed of a pick-up truck, making them it the perfect choice if you plan to use your vehicle when you reach your destination.

How to Choose Your Fifth Wheel

When planning a summer road trip or long-term excursion, many RVers want the romance of being on the open road combined with the comforts of a home. Fifth wheels strike that balance, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, these features found in top selling bunkhouse fifth wheels take your vacation to a whole new level. We’ve identified the following 5 features to help you choose the best fifth wheel trailer for your lifestyle:

#1 All the Comforts of Home

If you’re looking for an RV that really feels like home, then a fifth wheel is definitely for you.  Most fifth wheels have a bedroom (usually in the front of the coach), a living room, bathroom, and small kitchen. The top selling fifth wheels are even more luxurious! Large storage spaces, fully equipped kitchens with a residential refrigerator and island, living rooms with plush couches and a flat screen TV are all amenities to look for when purchasing your new fifth wheel. You can even find fivers with washer and dryer hookups in the bedroom; perfect for when you want to avoid a crowded laundry mat.

#2 Slide Out, Stretch Out

Still need more space? Many fifth wheels come equipped with slide outs. Slide outs are movable parts inside your travel trailer that allow you to reconfigure the interior. Top selling bunkhouse fifth wheels come equipped with slide-outs that are easy to use. With a simple push of a button, you can move sections of the trailer out to create even more space inside. Perfect for large families or when you have guests.

#3 Lightweight And Built to Last

When you’re out on the road, you’ll want a travel trailer that can withstand the elements. The top selling bunkhouse fifth wheels feature gloss-coated fiberglass designed to protect your trailer from inclement weather. They’re also durable and corrosion-resistant. The gloss-coating also keeps your fifth wheel looking shiny and new.

#4 Towing Made Easy

When choosing a travel trailer, you want one that’s going to be easy to handle. A fifth wheel hitch minimizes the risk of your RV swaying behind the vehicle while driving. Fifth wheel hitches are also the ideal safety feature. Not only do they enhance the ability of your tow vehicle to stick to the road but also allows for better maneuverability around sharp turns and winding roads.

#5 Detach and Go!

Once you’ve reached the RV resort park of your dreams, you’re going to want to explore your new found paradise. Fifth wheels allow you to use your vehicle at your destination. Top selling fifth wheels feature an easy-to-detach hitch allowing you quick access to your truck. Now get out there and explore!

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