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From weekend trips to extended vacations, traveling is a freedom that helps clear your mind, restore your energy, and let you get rid of loads of stress. But few trips come without expenses – and the less you spend, the more often you can take trips! A common question you may have is which is better for your next tip: RV versus hotels? 

Read on to learn the benefits of an RV for your next vacation, and whether or not it’s the best option for you and your family! 

The coronavirus known as COVID-19 continues to spread and Americans across the country are doing their part by providing essential labor, taking appropriate health precautions, and practicing social distancing techniques. During this pandemic, RV owners have found themselves uniquely equipped to protect themselves from the pandemic while still enjoying some of their favorite ways to relax.

Read on to learn how an RV can be a valuable asset when it comes to staying safe, while giving you an opportunity to avoid going stir crazy trapped in your home.

For new RVers, the anticipation of taking your first trip to the dump station can be like first day of school jitters meets colonoscopy. You may be anxious because you’ve never emptied your tanks before. You may be nervous that everyone else is watching, or worried that you’ll miss a step in the process and create a black-water disaster.

There’s no reason to ruin a perfectly good vacation with a dump station epic fail…or simply the anticipation of a disaster. We’ll cover what you need to know to survive your trips to the RV dump station so you can end every camping trip on a good note and with empty tanks. Then, the only tales of harrowing adventure will be those that happen while hiking, fishing, swimming, and the like during your camping trips.