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Crisp, cool air and a burst of color from the changing leaves greet you as the sun peeks up over the horizon. Steam from your morning coffee rises, twisting through the morning air. The stillness is only disturbed by the crunch of leaves underfoot as you walk over to sit at the picnic table and enjoy the quiet morning moments. Fall weather is best enjoyed up close out in nature and one of the best ways to get close to nature is with a fall RVing trip.

Benefits of Fall RVing

Skip the Crowds

Summer is the most popular time for camping, so when cooler temperatures arrive, many take it as a sign that camping season is over. This is good news for you! With fewer people camping, choosing the ideal campsite becomes easier. More campsites are open and you’ll enjoy more “elbow room” to experience nature without feeling crowded. Campgrounds aren’t full of the throngs of people who flock to campsites in the summer. But they aren’t ghost towns in the fall (although there may be ghosts and goblins near Halloween). So, if you enjoy socializing with other campers, you’ll still have neighbors, but also more freedom to keep to yourself if you are looking for a quiet commune with nature.

Comfortable Temperature

Fall RVing brings milder weather. While summer camping is fun, sweltering heat can make those summer days – and nights – exhausting. It’s easier to dress for the cooler temps and bring a jacket or sweatshirt along. Those campers who enjoy making the most of hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities can do so without having to worry about the risks of excessive heat.

Bye Bye Bugs

One part of summer camping that you won’t miss with fall RVing is the bugs! Fall is too cold for many of those intolerable insects. Camping in the cooler weather means more room to pack marshmallows for the campfire because you can leave your bug spray behind! Your family, including pets, will be safer and incur fewer bug bites or stings when the mercury dips down in the fall.

Best Camping Atmosphere

Fall foliage makes an incredible backdrop to any campsite when you’re taking advantage of fall RVing. Colors pop and there’s a stillness in the air that makes nature come alive. There’s a different smell to the fresh air as you walk down a path or sit on a rock and watch a chipmunk skitter under a log.

One of the best parts of camping is sitting around the campfire. Cozy campfires can take the chill out of the fall evenings and make the best part of camping even better. And with the longer nights, you can spend even more time gathered around the flames, warming your hands, swapping stories, and roasting marshmallows.

Longer nights bring another bonus – better sleeping weather! Not only does the cool night air make for a better night’s sleep, but the shorter days and longer nights means a later sunrise leaves you more time to snuggle under the blankets and savor sleeping in.

Tips for Fall RVing

Pack a Variety of Clothes

When you’re packing for a fall RVing trip, remember that fall weather can take dramatic swings. Pack appropriately and dress in layers because this time of year, a 20-degree change in temperature can happen quickly. You want to be ready for warm days or temps that can be near-freezing. And whether you find it unfortunate or exciting, those temperature extremes can all happen in one day! Fall also brings rain, so pack extra clothes and socks so you don’t have to be miserable and soggy.

Keep Your Roof Clear of Leaves

A clean RV roof helps deter damage. It also prevents blocked vents and keeps your RV cleaner overall. One thing to keep in mind about that beautiful fall foliage – those leaves don’t stay on the trees forever. Falling leaves end up on your RV rooftop, along with acorns, pinecones, or any number of other types of debris. Be sure to check your roof and keep it clear as part of your fall RVing trip.

Choose the Right Destination

No matter what time of year, the right campsite can make all the difference. So, when you consider fall RVing, plan your trip carefully. There are plenty of color tour resources to help you choose a destination. Consider looking into the local harvest festivals and other activities once you have decided on your campground or boondocking location. There are plenty of things to do here in the Midwest and fall RVing is a great way to enjoy the drive and the journey’s end when you’re going on a fall foliage tour, or just enjoying a last hurrah as a weekend warrior!

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One of the best things about camping is the food! There’s nothing like a golden brown marshmallow that’s been roasted over the campfire for s’mores. The best thing about creating your RV meal plan is tailoring it to your own preferences! Love to cook but always short on time at home? Camping may be your excuse to plan special meals since you’re away from the 9-5 world and you’ll have more down time to cook. Maybe your camping vacation is packed with adventure so cooking needs to be as simplistic as possible. Or you could be somewhere in between. Whatever your cooking style, RV meal planning starts with the menu.

Start Simple

Not all RV kitchens are alike. Some RV kitchens are tiny, others much larger, and some even have an island providing a great deal of counter space. But even with a larger RV kitchen, you still don’t want to go overboard on the food.

You may have all the space and tools you need to prepare extravagant meals, but it’s possible you’d rather spend your day relaxing or exploring rather than cooking. Your RV meal plan can reflect your activity level and food-prep time available. You can plan simple meals that are filling and let everyone get back to having fun!

Use Ingredients for Multiple Meals

No matter the type or size of your RV’s kitchen, one thing is certain: storage space is always at a premium! One way to maximize storage in the kitchen is to use ingredients across several meals. This can be anything from a base food like a meat or vegetable to your favorite spices.

A loaf of bread can be used for toast in the morning, sandwiches for lunch, and garlic toast for a spaghetti supper. Ground beef or ground turkey can be a versatile base food. Use some in the spaghetti sauce to go with that garlic toast and the rest for burgers the next night. There are plenty of websites that are great resources for camping recipes. Or, you can do a search for simple meal plans and find some ideas that fit your cooking style and your taste buds.

The Right Tools for the Right RV Meal Plan

When you’re building a birdhouse, it’s easier if you have a hammer and some nails. Likewise, when you have the right cooking equipment, it’s easier to build your RV meal plan. Two of the most popular must-haves for any RV kitchen are cast iron pans and a slow cooker. These two staple items can give you the convenience and flexibility to cook almost anything when you’re on the road – or even when you’re way, way off the road camping remotely.

Another favorite and extremely versatile kitchen cooking tool is the Dutch oven. Everything from soups and stews to popcorn and desserts can be prepared in this gem. If you want to cook something fun with the kids (or simply feel like a kid again) try cooking with pie irons. From sandwiches to pizza to fruit pies, this campfire kitchen tool takes the fun of roasting hot dogs or marshmallows and combines it with the versatility of a Dutch oven.

Convenient Food vs Feeling at Home

Your RV meal plan works best when you create it with your activity level and overall expectations of your time on the road. If you are the type who wants their RV to feel just like an extension of home, planning large, sit-down meals that everyone can enjoy together will be at the top of your list.

Others may be on the opposite end of the spectrum and plan simple meals and some grab-and-go foods for busy days full of activities. Whether you’re the type who’s on the go looking for the next adventure or the type who’s relaxing with your feet up reading the latest novel, you can make your RV meal plan work for you. You can even mix it up and plan one or two big meals with easy, quick meals sprinkled in for “flavor” and variety.

Don’t Forget Snacks

Exploring, hiking, fishing or even just getting some time to relax makes snacks a must-have. Fruit is a great fast-food snack, but don’t forget to add plenty of non-perishable foods when working up your RV meal plan. Things like protein bars store easily and travel well; they may even serve as a meal-replacement if you’re on a long hike or away from your RV for an extended period. No matter what your plans are, it’s always a good idea to have a healthy supply of snacks on hand.

Restocking on the Road

Sometimes you may be just a weekend camper. Other times you may take longer trips. It’s fairly easy to figure out your RV meal plan for just a weekend, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed when you do take extended trips. Planning your meals in advance is still a good idea, but unless you’ll be far away from conveniences, you don’t need to pack it all at once.

It is very common to take a mid-week shopping trip when you’re vacationing for a week or longer. When you plan a shopping trip right into your week, you’ll have less to pack initially. This will save you refrigerator and cupboard space as well as avoiding the frustration of food spoiling before you have a chance to prepare it.

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The drastic increase of people who are working remotely is no surprise. For many whose jobs have become permanently remote the thought becomes, “If I have to work from home, where would I want home to be?” Some people have chosen to permanently relocate their home to a dream location, to be closer to family, or to get a jump on settling where they plan to retire. But what if you don’t want to permanently relocate but would prefer to have a mobile home office instead?

Say Bye to Working from Home

With so many people working from home these days, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to say goodbye to working from home. After being forced to work from home with barely a moment’s notice, a few weeks became months and for many, now over a year. While there are some advantages (your commute is now measured in steps vs. miles), the fact that you’re literally taking your work home with you because you never left home can begin to take its toll. This is one of the reasons RV offices are growing in popularity: it allows people to create a mobile space to work in that is separate from home. Even when your RV office is parked in your driveway, your commute is still measured in steps vs. miles and you can disconnect from work at the end of the day and “leave it at the office.” An added bonus? Just clear off your desk and you have a built-in guest house!

Another plus is that RV office is mobile which means that you can travel anywhere and work while you enjoy the view from any location you desire. Even though RVs are traditionally seen as a tool for camping, they are good for doing anything on the road – even work!

Which RVs Work Well as RV Offices?

Larger RVs have greater flexibility while smaller RVs make it easier to find a place to park; but nearly any RV can be transformed into an RV office. The size and type of RV you choose for your RV office will depend on your needs.

Will you need privacy, or a door to separate your RV office from noise? An RV with a private bedroom may be best suited to this situation offering not only privacy, but an area removed from the center of activity and the noise and distractions that come with it.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may only require a small table for a laptop and cup of coffee. However, if you require hookup to multiple screens or need additional desk space for large projects, you may need a much larger table for your desk space.

If there are other amenities you will require for your comfort and productivity, take those into consideration as well when you are choosing the size of RV for your RV office.

Front Living Room Floor Plans Make Great RV Offices

Another factor to consider besides the size of RV is the overall floor plan. When you choose an RV with a front living room layout, it gives your RV a more home-like feel which may be important when planning your RV office.

These front living room floor plans often have roomier living spaces, allowing you to spread out and work more comfortably. They also feature rear bedrooms which can be a more private RV office if others are staying with you in the RV.

Tips for Your RV Office

There are a few things you can do when designing your RV office to make your work experience more enjoyable.

Invest in a Wi-Fi Booster

No work experience is enjoyable with spotty Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, it only makes sense to invest in a Wi-Fi signal booster. Whether you plan to park your RV office in your driveway or travel and change your view on a regular basis, a Wi-Fi booster is well worth the investment to guarantee a strong and stable connection through hours of research, dozens of video calls, or simply to ensure your background music of choice is steady throughout the day.

Adding Your Own Desk

If you really want to customize your RV office, you can add your own desk. Depending on your level of comfort and skill level it could be as simple as measuring the area you want to put your desk, then bringing it in and possibly doing a little rearranging. If you are a DIY enthusiast and are comfortable with construction projects, you could take on a more complicated project like creating an RV office by removing the bunks and renovating a bunkhouse area.

Space Savers Are Life Savers

The best thing about creating your own RV office is just that, you can make it your own. There are lots of creative ways to keep everything you need nearby. Lots of camping hacks and space saving solutions can provide ways to maximize space and keep all the things you need within reach. Whether it’s corralling cords or finding just the right place for your red stapler, once you get your RV office just the way you like it, you can relax and enjoy your work days almost as much as you’ll enjoy the view from your new office.

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