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Spring showers lead to flowers; but spring weather also means that summer heat is right around the corner. When you’re spending the warm weather camping in your RV, the only place you want it to be hot is near the campfire. But how do you keep the heat outside your RV and the temps inside comfortable? Read on for some RV cooling tips to keep you comfortable all season long.

Shades – Simple & Effective

If you want to look cool, you’ve got to wear shades; and if you want to keep your RV cool, it needs shades too! When it comes to RV cooling, some of the most basic, common-sense strategies are also the most effective ways to keep your RV cool in the hot summer weather.

The air temperature is the same in the sun or shade; it simply feels hotter in the sun due to the direct solar radiation – an average of 10-15 degrees hotter! That difference is the heat index. Additionally, a car that has been sitting in the sun can quickly become 40 degrees hotter than the outside temperature. This greenhouse effect from all those windows can also occur in your RV. And the more windows you have in your RV that are exposed to the sun, the hotter the interior will become.

When it comes to RV cooling, blocking the sun’s rays can reduce the greenhouse effect. Studies have shown that temperatures inside automobiles utilizing a windshield shade were an average of 15 degrees cooler than those without. So pulling those shades down during the day in your RV, as well as using your awning, can lessen the greenhouse effect and help your RV cooling system lower the air temperature inside your RV.

Positioning Your RV

The direction you park your RV can have a significant impact on keeping it cool. When parking your RV, take note of trees that could provide shade, especially in the hot afternoon sun. If possible, position your RV so that the area with the most windows will be protected by the shade. If there are no trees nearby, the next best thing to do is park so the largest windows in your RV are facing east and only get the early morning sun. The less direct solar radiation beating in your RV windows, the less effort you’ll have to put into RV cooling come afternoon or evening.

Run Separate Fans

Utilizing your RV’s fan can help with overall RV cooling. Those “whole house” fans pull warm air up and out of your RV and keep air circulating throughout. Additional fans that you can plug in, or even small fans that run on battery power can help keep air moving.

Using fans near your windows to pull in cooler air from the outside first thing in the morning, or later in the evening, is an inexpensive way to help regulate temperature without having to turn on the AC. They can also be used to expel warmer air such as when meal prep heats up the kitchen or a back bunk area gets stuffy.

Use Your Outdoor Kitchen

An alternative to becoming drenched in sweat or running multiple fans to combat the heat generated from cooking meals indoors is utilizing your outdoor kitchen; it’s a great RV cooling trick. Using your outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to keep all the heat from meal prep outside your RV! Many RVs have outdoor kitchens that rival the full indoor kitchen. Amenities such as burners or a grill, sink, fridge, electrical outlets, even storage and counter space for food prep can be found in several RV models with outdoor kitchens.

After a long day of hiking, fishing, or even antiquing, your RV can be quite a bit more than toasty inside upon your return. Using your outdoor kitchen gives your RV cooling-down time while you prepare dinner. Then, by the time you retire for the evening, the heat of the day has been removed from your RV and you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Cleaning the air conditioner filter can make RV cooling easier. When you make cleaning your filter part of your routine cleaning, you’ll always know your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to clean the filter is to use a vacuum to sweep away the dust. Once you’ve gotten the surface dust removed, you can use soap and water to fully clean them. It’s very important to make sure you let the filter completely dry afterward.

Consider Solar Options for Efficiency

Finally, it’s worth looking into the many solar options that can lessen the cost of running your AC or other cooling devices. Instead of simply trying to fight the sun and its power, why not harness it to help with your RV cooling? Solar panels can completely power your AC or simply keep up the charge for your battery power.

Solar power is becoming more popular and solar hook up even comes standard on many models. It is a wonderful option for RV cooling when you are detached from a power hook up. It’s a great way to stay cool when remote camping or boondocking.

These tips can help you ramp up your RV cooling and beat the heat whether you are taking weekend jaunts or traveling cross country. Don’t forget that to stay cool this summer you and your RV gotta wear shades!

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If you’ve recently purchased a camping trailer, RV or travel trailer, you know what a significant and important investment it is. You’re ready to take all the precautions to keep it well-maintained, store it safely, and protect it from harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, RV theft is another thing that you’ll need to consider – though it’s fortunately far rarer than you may think!

Despite the unlikely occurrence that you might experience RV theft or stolen goods from your vehicle, it’s still worth the small effort it takes to help keep your RV safe from ne’er-do-wells. Here are some precautions you should consider.

Be Mindful of Where You Store Your RV

Where you store your RV is a major consideration for all RV owners. From preventing RV theft to just keeping your RV protected from the weather, the best storage solutions usually end up being inside a garage or facility of some type. This could be on your property, or a reputable storage rental facility near your home.

Thieves have started to become bolder in recent years, sometimes stealing campers right out of driveways or garages if they are convinced that no one is home. 2020 was a particularly rough year for stolen RVs (likely due to the RV shortages and the increase in their value) though it’s still worth noting that the statistics show it as incredibly low possibility.

The best way to avoid a stolen RV from your property is to leave your RV inside of a locked garage or fenced-in and locked backyard. This will always beat parking it in the front yard – especially when you are away from home. Like anything, opportunity is often the biggest impetus for crime. If someone knows you aren’t home and has the ability to hook your trailer up to their vehicle quickly then leave, they’re more likely to try.

Shop for Anti-Theft Devices

You can also look into purchasing a quality electronic anti-theft device (available from most dealers or in retail shops.) It’s a wise investment that could help you deter theft by making it too time consuming or exposing the RV thief to too much risk. On top of that, many of these devices offer tracking mechanisms. That means if your RV ever were stolen, you’d be more likely to have it safely returned.

The list of anti-theft devices for RVs is similar to the ones you might expect for your home. This can be something as simple as motion-activated lights that make it impossible to approach your RV in the dark to active monitoring systems.

For avoiding stolen items at the campground, locks and alarms are often your best bet. These can be simple things like window or door alarms that chimes whenever they open. This deters most crimes of opportunity.

Make Your Camper Look Occupied

If you have to leave your camper trailer unattended at a campsite or in a wilderness area, do your best to make it look like someone is around. It’s a known fact that thieves generally pick low-risk targets, and an occupied RV is about as high-risk as it gets. Especially if their plan is to take the whole RV!

There are plenty of ways you can make your RV look occupied, or at make it seem likely that you’re somewhere nearby. Set up lawn chairs outside, put dishes and silverware on a picnic table, or hang up clothes to dry on a line. Anything you can do to make it look like the owners are right around the corner will help you protect your vehicle from thievery.

Of course, you could always take it a step further and actually do your best to keep your RV occupied. If you’re traveling with a group, it’s never a bad idea to have someone hang back at the RV if it won’t affect their enjoyment of the trip. Scheduling your activities to keep someone near the RV is a great way to keep it safe. As an added bonus, having someone at the “home base” is generally considered a safe travel tip in case something happens to the group – like getting lost or injured on a hike.

Wheel Clamps, Towball Locks and Locking Hitch Pins

Wheel clamps are an affordable, noticeable and effective theft deterrent. If you’re unable to lock up your camper behind a fence or in a garage at home, using a wheel clamp will help keep your investment secure. In fact, if you can’t store your RV in a locked facility or somewhere else that’s already protected from trespassing, you should consider these types of clamps or locks a necessity.

Wheel clamps are difficult to remove, and there are several different brands to choose from. A good wheel clamp only costs a few hundred dollars, and they are simple to install. This small investment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to stopping a would-be thief from simply driving up, hooking up, and rolling away with your beloved camper.

Towball locks and locking hitch pins are also inexpensive (although slightly less effective) options for securing a camping trailer. They’re extremely easy to put on and take off (for the owner) and add an additional layer of deterrence for thieves.

Keep Your RV Well Lit

Lastly, when it comes to RV theft, the best thing you can do is make sure your RV isn’t somewhere that can be accessed unnoticed. At home, that means keeping it in areas that will be well lit by your lighting system. If you don’t have a garage light or similar fixture, they’re typically not too hard to add. Just keeping the RV lit up makes it less appealing to try and approach at night.

When camping, always stay in well-lit areas when possible. For boondockers this won’t always be an option, but if you’re at a campsite, in a parking lot or anywhere else, aim for areas underneath lights or nearest to populated areas. Nobody wants to be under the spotlight when they’re doing something illegal, after all!

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What happens when you have ten hungry teenagers and only eight slices of pizza? A demand for more pizza, of course! The law of supply and demand can be found in any basic Economics lesson. The recent RV shortage is similar to the pizza scenario but, as with most economic situations, there are many more factors that come into play than hungry teenagers and pizza.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Although roughly 80 percent of RVs are manufactured in Elkhart County, Indiana, not all of the parts that make up an RV are made there. RVs, like automobiles, boats, and a myriad of other finished products, are made up of a lot of different parts which are supplied from separate manufacturers. A delay in just one part can mean production for an entire RV line comes to a halt. (Think about the delay in pizza production if there’s no cheese!)

Many parts are being manufactured in lower quantities – or not at all – due to COVID or other issues. When a part is delayed it means an RV is kept from being completed and being approved for sale. Each component for production of an RV is important for the quality of the finished product. When even one of the components is unavailable, the RV remains incomplete. From air conditioners to toilets, the lack of parts available results in RV shortages.

Reduction in Transportation Availability

Even though the majority of RVs are made here in the United States, there are parts manufactured in other countries. The COVID situation has resulted in fewer transportation vessels. International shippers are highly cautious. So even when parts are completed there could be shipping delays.

With lower manufacturing rates and delayed shipping, the supply of parts and components to build RVs results in RV shortages.

High Demand

The other half of the equation is, of course, demand. Demand has increased and RVs are generally gaining popularity, partly due to COVID. Not only have high-risk workers in the healthcare and other professions used RVs as a satellite home to avoid exposing their families to the virus; but according to a recent report on WXYZ-TV 7, “Now infectious disease specialists do say RV traveling is one of the safest ways to go.”

RV travel is an activity where families can go places together with their own things (bed, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and not have to wonder about who else may have slept there, sat there, or touched the TV remote. It’s a great way to get a change of view with a little peace of mind.

Increased RV travel demands, coupled with limited supply, means RV shortages. It’s a simple formula. So what’s a person to do?

Shopping for an RV? Here Are Some Tips

Know What You Want

The reality is RV shortages and a limited RV supply, but that doesn’t mean shopping for an RV is impossible. Being prepared amid RV shortages means it’s important to be ready to buy. Know what you want! Do you want a bunkhouse, toy hauler, fifth wheel, and how many does it need to sleep? Do you already have a tow vehicle and what is your towing capacity? When you know what you are looking for and you find an RV that fits your criteria, don’t hesitate.  

Used RVs Are Harder to Find

Since the supply of new RVs is lower, you may think it’s a good time to turn to a used model. If you don’t need the most recent features available in the current year’s model, they are just as good as new models, especially when you purchase from a reputable dealer.

Unfortunately, the used market is just as challenging to find RVs in right now! So don’t be surprised if you’re left searching high and low when shopping used too!

Stay Vigilant

The RV Wholesale Superstore website is updated with new stock when it’s available, so keep an eye on our site! You can also reach out to us for updates and find out if the model you’re looking for is available or may be available soon!

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