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RV skirting is gaining popularity and may seem like a new idea but skirting has been around for many years. Think about trailers in mobile home parks and your mind says, “Oh, yeah, I remember that!” So, the idea of blocking cold air and wind from underneath trailers has been around for a while. Now it is trending in the RV industry as more and more people want to extend their camping season or simply be more comfortable and energy efficient.

You love camping and you love nature. However, there are some things in nature that you’d rather stay out in nature and not join you in your camper! We’ll discuss three common pests and how to deter them from taking up residence in your RV.

An important part of preparing for your road trip is planning your route and gas budget. With gas prices fluctuating as much as 40 cents a gallon, don’t let bad fuel economy ruin your trip. There are a number of things you can do to improve rv gas mileage while towing or driving. Pad your budget, or build in an emergency or slush fund so that an unexpected cost doesn’t sour your vacation. Estimate your gas mileage, then over estimate it to give yourself a cushion.