The Accessibelly RV Underbelly on new Wildwood RVs

Check Out the New Wildwood “Accessibelly,” RV Underbelly

Please note: The Accessibelly was a new feature of the 2020 Wildwood RV brand. The Accessibelly cannot be fit to other RVs.

Nothing puts a damper on a camper like the need for repairs. No one wants to be sitting by the campfire and wonder, “what’s that smell?” Even worse, is to find that the smell is coming from a leaky black water tank. To add insult to injury when you find that you have a necessary repair, Murphy’s Law says that it’ll be up underneath your RV and not easy to get to.

Historically, when repairs were necessary for something located on the underbelly of your RV, such as your black or gray water tank, it was necessary to cut into the corrugated plastic sheet that covered and protected your RV’s underbelly. Whether you need to repair something or you simply want to insulate the floor, tanks and water lines because you plan to camp year-round, you no longer have to cut holes in the underfloor material to create access panels.  Not when the new Wildwood campers come standard with “Accessibelly.” Accessibelly is to your RV underbelly what drop ceilings are to basements.

The New RV Underbelly That Raises Industry Standards

Not many folks give a second thought to their RV underbelly. That is, until you need to get to something under your RV! Wildwood’s new Accessibelly is a major improvement over the industry-standard RV underbelly material. This option is available exclusively on new Wildwood trailers. It is a forward-thinking design that plans for the future, keeping in mind what will be helpful to RVers throughout the life of their RV, and brings accessibility to the RV underbelly.

Benefits of the Accessibelly

Ease of Installation

The industry standard for RV underbellies is a corrugated plastic sheet. It can be difficult to install and because of the corrugated texture, installations can be inconsistent, resulting in a wavy or poorly sealed appearance. The rigid poly panels of Accessibelly allow for an easier installation process. Issues with gaps or uneven installation are therefore prevented in the installation process.

Improved Durability

Anyone who has traveled knows all roads are not the same. When you are spending time on the roads you are experiencing first-hand the huge variation in road quality across the country. There are many factors that can put your RV underbelly at risk for tearing or puncturing. From road debris to potholes (have you seen the size of some of those potholes?!?) there can be quite an assault on the underbelly of your RV as you travel the open road from destination to destination.

The RV underbelly of yesteryear was typically made of wood or metal. Those materials were quite durable, though they had their own issues like rotting and rusting. They were also much heavier, and so the corrugated plastic material has been the alternative material which serves to protect the RV underbelly and also greatly reduces weight.

While this means that modern RVs are well protected underneath, the Wildwood Accessibelly goes above and beyond and uses a thicker, more durable material to protect your RV underbelly. As an added bonus, this same durability means a superior resistance to pests like mice or other scavengers on the road.

Repairs Made Easy

An Accessibelly panel opened for repair access

One drawback to the usual corrugated plastic is that it makes performing repairs underneath standard RV models a bit of a guessing game.  With standard RV underbellies, technicians often have to cut holes into the underbelly to access plumbing or wiring. Sometimes it may take several attempts at cutting the hole and looking for the technician to see if they found what they need.  The “Accessibelly” is designed with ease of access in mind, eliminating the “cut and see” guesswork from the repair process.

With the Accessibelly design, each poly panel can be dropped by technicians to quickly access the internals of your RV without having to literally cut into the bottom. This also eliminates the patching and repairing process once the plumbing or wiring maintenance has been completed. Now, with Wildwood’s Accessibelly feature, technicians can just as easily return the poly panel to its original position when they’re done – no additional underbelly repair required! The integrity of your RV underbelly will never need to be compromised for repairs or insulation installation again. So you can say goodbye to Murphy’s Law – at least where your RV underbelly is concerned!

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