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Summer is here! The sun shines, the earth heats up, and people flock to the water. It’s the time of year to relax in the sand, play in the waves, and watch the sun rise – or set – over the water depending on which coast you’re visiting. There’s no better season to spend some quality time at a waterfront RV park. There are beaches to bask on, oceans to surf over, and lakes to fish in! Read on to learn more about some of the great waterfront RV parks this country has to offer. 

You’ve found the perfect getaway. It’s remote and quiet, your own little slice of heaven. You wake to a beautiful sunny day and start to make some coffee when you realize that since you’ve been running the air conditioner more than expected, your RV batteries are low and you’ll have to cut your trip short. You forgo the coffee and start packing up, all the while thinking that you could simply recharge your batteries and probably stay another few days if you’d just installed the RV solar power you’d been thinking about. 

From weekend trips to extended vacations, traveling is a freedom that helps clear your mind, restore your energy, and let you get rid of loads of stress. But few trips come without expenses – and the less you spend, the more often you can take trips! A common question you may have is which is better for your next tip: RV versus hotels? 

Read on to learn the benefits of an RV for your next vacation, and whether or not it’s the best option for you and your family!