Whether you prefer long trips or you’re a weekend warrior, your RV is home base. It doesn’t matter if you spend your entire vacation within a few steps of your RV or prefer to get out there in the open on your toys or just hiking and exploring, but when you come back to camp you want to make your RV feel like home, even though you’re away from home.

An RV That Looks Like a House Feels Like a House

Get Decorating

One of the great things about RVs is that there is plenty of space for decorations. Even a small RV is like your own little house on wheels, so you can give your RV a few custom decorations that reflect you and your tastes. When you freshen up your RV with a few items like pictures or artwork, your RV gets a new look and you make your RV feel like home.

While you want your RV to look and feel like home, if you are partial to fine collectibles, your RV may not be the best place to display them. Keeping your decorations safe, especially during travel, is something to be mindful of when you are choosing your decorations. Those who take extended trips and stay in one location for long stretches of time – like snowbirds – may prefer to have more fragile items that can be packed safely away while traveling but displayed for the duration of their stay. If you generally take quick weekend trips, there are less extravagant ways to decorate that still make your RV feel like home. Little tricks like double-sided tape can keep small pictures and other décor safer and help them stay in place while you’re on the road. That way, you won’t have to spend time setting up your decorations once you arrive at your destination, they’ll have travelled safely right where they’re displayed!

Customize It!

When you think of your RV as a canvas, you can see how they are perfect for customizing to your liking. You can customize everything! Make the floor your own with custom flooring. A peel-and-stick backsplash or countertop can make the kitchen a reflection of the master chef of the house. There isn’t much that can’t be altered or upgraded to make the interior of your RV feel like home. When you step into your RV you want it to be inviting. After a long day of hiking, swimming, boating or fishing, you want to feel like you’re coming home. Even if you spend the day in a lounge chair under a tree at your campsite reading a book, when you step inside your RV for a snack, it should feel like home.

Depending on the size of your RV and what you choose to customize, there could be added weight, so keep this in mind as you customize. Be sure to know your RV and tow vehicle weight limits to ensure that you’ll be safe on the road.

Don’t Forget to Make It Personal

What is it that really makes a house a home? It’s that personal touch! So, decorate your RV with the things that say “home” like family photos or your child’s artwork on the fridge. Whatever you surround yourself with at home should extend to your RV. Do you love houseplants? There may not be room in your RV for your prize ficus tree, but a small succulent on the kitchen counter won’t take up a lot of space and can still bring a little slice of your enthusiasm for plants to your RV. There are also myriads of artificial plants that could add a nice touch without the worry – even for those without a green thumb!

Match Your Home

Looking for a simple way to bring a taste of home life with you when you’re on the road? Try matching décor! You can buy matching blankets, comforters, and pillows for beds. Bring an extension of your home with you when you match rugs, curtains, even kitchen towels! Whatever you love about your home can have its match in your RV. Replicating your home’s style in your RV can truly make it an extension of your home. It can also be a comfort to children who are new to RVing to have the same bedding in their RV bunk as they do at home.

Get Seasonal

Seasonal decorating is another way to bring the energy from your home to your RV. Do you enjoy decking the halls of your home for every season? Try bringing some of that flair to your RV and feel the warmth of home settle in as you extend your seasonal savvy to your home away from home. Keep it simple if you have a holiday weekend trip planned. If you will be on an extended stay over more than one season or holiday, think about where you’ll store the decorations. Shopping post-holiday sales or clearance sales can be a great way to stock up on some extra decorations, especially if you need to scale down to fit your space.

Now you know how to make your RV feel like home so you can start planning your next trip, with no chance of homesickness!

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Motorized RV traveling through Yellowstone National Park on camping trip.

The best part of owning an RV in the United States are the perfect camping locations around every corner of the country. From north to south, east to west, there’s a beautiful campground to visit and enjoy the great outdoors. But when it comes to planning the perfect trip, you can’t beat RV camping in national parks. With 59 national parks to visit, how do you choose where to start? Read our take on the best national parks for RV camping, plus a few bonus tips for planning your trip!

With 50 states, there are a lot of opportunities for RV travel. There are also a lot of different RV rules while driving through these great United States! What you may not realize is that the RV laws while driving can change – sometimes significantly – each time you cross a state line. If you’re a new RV owner, this may not be something of which you were aware. But when it comes to RV travel and state laws, ignorance doesn’t get you a free pass.

Additionally, knowing and ignoring the laws can lead to a citation, accident, injury, or worse. Be sure you know the laws in your state and those you travel through as well as your final destination. Not only will you and your family stay safer, you’ll avoid the chance of incurring added expenses for a traffic ticket on your journeys.

RV Rules While Driving Start With Knowing Your RV Classification

There are several RV classifications and, as such, different laws for different states based on RV classification. Class A/B/C motorhomes are most notably different than any other type of RV because they are considered motor vehicles themselves. Fifth wheels and travel trailers are classified differently because they are considered a separate entity from the vehicle towing them.

Laws in the majority of states do not prevent passengers from being in the rear of motorhomes while on the road for the simple fact that motorhomes are, in essence, one space. So, it is important to know the exact type of RV you have, and the rules that apply, prior to embarking on your journey.

Can You Ride in Your RV While Driving?

Once you know your RV classification, it makes researching the state laws pertaining to your particular RV more straightforward. Passengers are prohibited from riding in a travel trailer or 5th wheel during travel in most states. The direct RV laws while driving mean being in these types of vehicles while moving are not allowed. Their frames are not constructed with the same strength as say, class B or C motorhomes, which have frames offering more driver and passenger protection since they are required to be crash tested and are equipped with airbags as well as seat belts. Since most 5th wheels and travel trailers are not equipped with seat belts, the enforcement of seat belt laws effectively prevents traveling in these types of RVs. It is also not safe for pets to ride in a travel trailer or 5th wheel.

Outside of New Hampshire – the only state without seatbelt laws – there are over 30 states with primary seatbelt laws and nearly 20 states have secondary seatbelt laws. However, simply because there isn’t a law stating you must wear one doesn’t mean that it isn’t a wise choice. There isn’t a magical safety net in New Hampshire; the absence of a law simply means you are trusted to make the safest judgement in your own vehicle in that state.

When it comes to class A/B/C motorhomes, the main rule is the seat belt law in whatever state you are traveling. If you stay seated and belted whether in the front or back part of your motorhome while it is in motion, you are most likely abiding by the law. But because each state’s laws are different, it is wise to check local state laws prior to traveling.

Are There RV Rules While Driving About Using the Bathroom or Kitchen?

Travel enough and there’s bound to be a time when Mother Nature calls at an inconvenient time. You may be thinking that’s the beauty of having RV amenities like toilets. While the facilities do function while the RV is in motion, the safest recommendation is to have the driver pull over to the side of the road first. Specific toileting clauses aren’t generally spelled out in the laws and RV rules while driving. It isn’t necessary because a person is not wearing a seatbelt while using the facilities and therefore is in violation of the primary seatbelt laws, which over 30 states have in place.

Similarly, cooking a meal generally entails standing or moving about in the kitchen area and, therefore, falls under the same said seatbelt laws. Imagine the injuries that could result from making a “quick meal” of macaroni and cheese if the driver had to make a sharp turn or stop abruptly and there was a boiling pot of water on the stove! Need a meal on the road? The tried-and-true cooler full of sandwiches and snacks within arm’s reach of where you are safely buckled into your seat never tasted so good.

RV Safety Comes First

It can be very tempting to utilize all the benefits that your RV has to offer while you’re driving on the road. But arriving safely at your destination is more important than convenience. It may result in more planning than you’d anticipated in order to look up the laws and RV rules while driving for the states you’ll be traveling through. But knowing the laws is important; as is understanding that they are intended to protect you along with other travelers on the road. So, resist the urge to use the facilities or walk around inside your RV while driving to avoid injuries and arrive safely no matter where in these wonderful United States you travel.

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