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The drastic increase of people who are working remotely is no surprise. For many whose jobs have become permanently remote the thought becomes, “If I have to work from home, where would I want home to be?” Some people have chosen to permanently relocate their home to a dream location, to be closer to family, or to get a jump on settling where they plan to retire. But what if you don’t want to permanently relocate but would prefer to have a mobile home office instead?

Say Bye to Working from Home

With so many people working from home these days, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to say goodbye to working from home. After being forced to work from home with barely a moment’s notice, a few weeks became months and for many, now over a year. While there are some advantages (your commute is now measured in steps vs. miles), the fact that you’re literally taking your work home with you because you never left home can begin to take its toll. This is one of the reasons RV offices are growing in popularity: it allows people to create a mobile space to work in that is separate from home. Even when your RV office is parked in your driveway, your commute is still measured in steps vs. miles and you can disconnect from work at the end of the day and “leave it at the office.” An added bonus? Just clear off your desk and you have a built-in guest house!

Another plus is that RV office is mobile which means that you can travel anywhere and work while you enjoy the view from any location you desire. Even though RVs are traditionally seen as a tool for camping, they are good for doing anything on the road – even work!

Which RVs Work Well as RV Offices?

Larger RVs have greater flexibility while smaller RVs make it easier to find a place to park; but nearly any RV can be transformed into an RV office. The size and type of RV you choose for your RV office will depend on your needs.

Will you need privacy, or a door to separate your RV office from noise? An RV with a private bedroom may be best suited to this situation offering not only privacy, but an area removed from the center of activity and the noise and distractions that come with it.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may only require a small table for a laptop and cup of coffee. However, if you require hookup to multiple screens or need additional desk space for large projects, you may need a much larger table for your desk space.

If there are other amenities you will require for your comfort and productivity, take those into consideration as well when you are choosing the size of RV for your RV office.

Front Living Room Floor Plans Make Great RV Offices

Another factor to consider besides the size of RV is the overall floor plan. When you choose an RV with a front living room layout, it gives your RV a more home-like feel which may be important when planning your RV office.

These front living room floor plans often have roomier living spaces, allowing you to spread out and work more comfortably. They also feature rear bedrooms which can be a more private RV office if others are staying with you in the RV.

Tips for Your RV Office

There are a few things you can do when designing your RV office to make your work experience more enjoyable.

Invest in a Wi-Fi Booster

No work experience is enjoyable with spotty Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, it only makes sense to invest in a Wi-Fi signal booster. Whether you plan to park your RV office in your driveway or travel and change your view on a regular basis, a Wi-Fi booster is well worth the investment to guarantee a strong and stable connection through hours of research, dozens of video calls, or simply to ensure your background music of choice is steady throughout the day.

Adding Your Own Desk

If you really want to customize your RV office, you can add your own desk. Depending on your level of comfort and skill level it could be as simple as measuring the area you want to put your desk, then bringing it in and possibly doing a little rearranging. If you are a DIY enthusiast and are comfortable with construction projects, you could take on a more complicated project like creating an RV office by removing the bunks and renovating a bunkhouse area.

Space Savers Are Life Savers

The best thing about creating your own RV office is just that, you can make it your own. There are lots of creative ways to keep everything you need nearby. Lots of camping hacks and space saving solutions can provide ways to maximize space and keep all the things you need within reach. Whether it’s corralling cords or finding just the right place for your red stapler, once you get your RV office just the way you like it, you can relax and enjoy your work days almost as much as you’ll enjoy the view from your new office.

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What happens when you have ten hungry teenagers and only eight slices of pizza? A demand for more pizza, of course! The law of supply and demand can be found in any basic Economics lesson. The recent RV shortage is similar to the pizza scenario but, as with most economic situations, there are many more factors that come into play than hungry teenagers and pizza.

Supply Chain Disruptions

Although roughly 80 percent of RVs are manufactured in Elkhart County, Indiana, not all of the parts that make up an RV are made there. RVs, like automobiles, boats, and a myriad of other finished products, are made up of a lot of different parts which are supplied from separate manufacturers. A delay in just one part can mean production for an entire RV line comes to a halt. (Think about the delay in pizza production if there’s no cheese!)

Many parts are being manufactured in lower quantities – or not at all – due to COVID or other issues. When a part is delayed it means an RV is kept from being completed and being approved for sale. Each component for production of an RV is important for the quality of the finished product. When even one of the components is unavailable, the RV remains incomplete. From air conditioners to toilets, the lack of parts available results in RV shortages.

Reduction in Transportation Availability

Even though the majority of RVs are made here in the United States, there are parts manufactured in other countries. The COVID situation has resulted in fewer transportation vessels. International shippers are highly cautious. So even when parts are completed there could be shipping delays.

With lower manufacturing rates and delayed shipping, the supply of parts and components to build RVs results in RV shortages.

High Demand

The other half of the equation is, of course, demand. Demand has increased and RVs are generally gaining popularity, partly due to COVID. Not only have high-risk workers in the healthcare and other professions used RVs as a satellite home to avoid exposing their families to the virus; but according to a recent report on WXYZ-TV 7, “Now infectious disease specialists do say RV traveling is one of the safest ways to go.”

RV travel is an activity where families can go places together with their own things (bed, bathroom, kitchen, etc.) and not have to wonder about who else may have slept there, sat there, or touched the TV remote. It’s a great way to get a change of view with a little peace of mind.

Increased RV travel demands, coupled with limited supply, means RV shortages. It’s a simple formula. So what’s a person to do?

Shopping for an RV? Here Are Some Tips

Know What You Want

The reality is RV shortages and a limited RV supply, but that doesn’t mean shopping for an RV is impossible. Being prepared amid RV shortages means it’s important to be ready to buy. Know what you want! Do you want a bunkhouse, toy hauler, fifth wheel, and how many does it need to sleep? Do you already have a tow vehicle and what is your towing capacity? When you know what you are looking for and you find an RV that fits your criteria, don’t hesitate.  

Used RVs Are Harder to Find

Since the supply of new RVs is lower, you may think it’s a good time to turn to a used model. If you don’t need the most recent features available in the current year’s model, they are just as good as new models, especially when you purchase from a reputable dealer.

Unfortunately, the used market is just as challenging to find RVs in right now! So don’t be surprised if you’re left searching high and low when shopping used too!

Stay Vigilant

The RV Wholesale Superstore website is updated with new stock when it’s available, so keep an eye on our site! You can also reach out to us for updates and find out if the model you’re looking for is available or may be available soon!

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The professionals at RV Wholesale Superstore are ready to help you find the perfect RV for you and your family. Visit us in-person at 5080 W. Alexis Road, in Sylvania, OH or call us at (866) 640-9871 

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Whether you have a brand new RV or one with several years and miles on it, one thing is true for RVs of all shapes, sizes, styles and model years – if you don’t have good tires you won’t get far. When you care for your RV tires properly, not only do you extend the life of your tires, but you are ensuring you’ll have the best chance of safe traveling, parking and camping without lost time by the side of the road with tire troubles.

Keep Tires Filled to the Appropriate Level

One of the simplest yet most important things you can do for your RV tires is maintaining the proper level of air. When you have improper tire pressure – either too high or too low – your tires are the most vulnerable to blowouts and other issues. According to your RV’s manual, keeping tire pressure at the proper level isn’t something that can be skipped. RV manufacturers also recommend specific pressure levels for your RV tires, so be sure to get to know your manual and the recommendations for your specific RV tires!

An investment in a quality tire pressure gauge is easy. Taking the time to check your RV tire pressure, especially before departing for an extended trip, is also easy and only takes a few minutes. The dramatic temperature changes that occur here in Ohio during the transition between seasons can significantly impact your RV tire pressure. A quick check before departure can catch big changes in pressure that may happen when temperatures can fluctuate 30 degrees or more in a few hours’ time!

Pay Attention to Weight & Distribution

While tire pressure may be the most basic thing to keep in mind when it comes to RV tires, your RV weight plays a major part in the safety of your RV tires as well. If your RV is overloaded, too much weight is put on your tires which can result in a blowout. Besides just the weight itself, how the weight is distributed impacts the tires. If you’re traveling with uneven weight distribution, some tires will be under more stress than others. This will lead to uneven RV tire wear and, eventually, unexpected issues.

Do Pre-Trip Tire Inspections

Whether you’re going on a quick weekend trip or an extended vacation, a pre-trip inspection is something you should do every time you plan to hit the road. The inspection doesn’t need to be extensive, but a walk-around where you look at each tire to check for signs of damage or low pressure is important. This is also the perfect opportunity to check your RV tire tread and to look for signs of uneven or excessive wear. A quick way to check the tread is with the penny test. Stick a penny upside down into the tire tread. If you can see the top of Abe Lincoln’s head, it’s time to replace your RV tire.

Pre-trip inspections are a good time to inspect parts other than just your RV tires. It can provide the opportunity to catch a small issue before it develops into a big problem. Overall, you’ll have a safer and longer lasting RV.

Change Your RV Tires When Needed

No tire, not even an RV tire, lasts forever. RV tires have a lifespan just like any other tire. So, even with meticulous care, every tire will eventually need to be replaced. The lifespan of an RV tire is approximately 3-6 years depending on the use and wear of your tires. If you put a lot of miles on your RV, your tires may need to be replaced sooner. But even if you only use your RV occasionally or don’t put many miles on your tires because you regularly camp close to home, you should still plan on replacing your RV tires every 6 years which is considered the “high end” lifespan of an RV tire.

So remember, proper care of your RV tires will extend their life, give you better gas mileage when traveling, cut down on lost time by the side of the road with tire troubles, and give you the best chance of safe traveling and camping.

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