The Return of the RV Wholesale Superstore Blog And Destination Trailers!

It’s been seven months since our last blog post and that’s just not good enough!   Here’s the scoop, readers – we’re so busy receiving and selling recreational vehicles both new and used that we get caught-up in our business and don’t get around to writing new blog posts. We know that our blog is a great way to communicate special deals, discuss issues dear to the hearts of RV enthusiasts everywhere, as well as talk about recent arrivals to our RV fleet….it just takes time to publish a post and sometimes we don’t have that time. And for that we apologize.

We’re not complaining, of course. More and more people are interested in recreational vehicles these days, and their calls and emails and visits to our physical location near Toledo, Ohio are certainly keeping us busy! But we’re going to try harder to be a great blogging resource for all manner of issues related to the RV lifestyle moving forwards – from new and used RV arrivals to the latest trends in RV accessories, right down to RVs in popular culture, etc.

So stick with us and check back here often for interesting reading material on the wide world of recreational vehicles – we think you’ll like the content we produce for you. And speaking of “new arrivals,” RV Wholesale Superstore is delighted to announce that we’re now carrying a new genre of recreational vehicles, lovingly referred to as “destination trailers.”

We Now Carry Destination Trailers

Just what ARE destination trailers, also known as “park models?” Well, in a nutshell, destination trailers:

  • Feature higher ceilings and greater lengths (40 feet or so)
  • Are heavier and are generally towed to a location and left there for long periods of time
  • Come with more sophisticated appliances and amenities such as larger shower units and grander dining areas
  • Become  a destination in themselves instead of being towed from site to site all summer-long

With brands like Cottage, Cherokee, Sierra, Catalina and Wildwood now producing these super-comfortable and homey RVs, you can bet you’ll be seeing a lot more of them on the road and in the park you frequent. Learn more about new destination trailers at RV Wholesale Superstore. See you for our next blog post – thanks for reading!

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