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Money in a walletGood things do come in small packages – even when it comes to RVs. What small RVs lack in size, they more than make up for in freedom. Unlike their larger counterparts, these fun-sized campers aren’t limited to wide-open, asphalted RV parks. They can go almost anywhere the road takes you – the wilderness, across the country, or your favorite local campground.

When it comes to buying a RV for your camping adventures or family vacations, you’re probably thinking about budget and how a motorhome purchase may allow you to maximize your vacation dollars while still having plenty of fun. You might be questioning, “should I buy new or used?” Both options are a great way to make sure having fun is exactly what you’re doing.

Coachmen Leprechaun vs Coachmen Freelander

The RV Industry Boom: Why It’s Good for You

It’s a good time for the RV industry—and for those looking to buy an RV. After a difficult time during the recession, the RV manufacturers and wholesalers who managed to stay afloat are experiencing the benefits. For RV and travel trailer buyers, this means low prices and a better selection.