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The drastic increase of people who are working remotely is no surprise. For many whose jobs have become permanently remote the thought becomes, “If I have to work from home, where would I want home to be?” Some people have chosen to permanently relocate their home to a dream location, to be closer to family, or to get a jump on settling where they plan to retire. But what if you don’t want to permanently relocate but would prefer to have a mobile home office instead?

Say Bye to Working from Home

With so many people working from home these days, it’s no wonder people are looking for ways to say goodbye to working from home. After being forced to work from home with barely a moment’s notice, a few weeks became months and for many, now over a year. While there are some advantages (your commute is now measured in steps vs. miles), the fact that you’re literally taking your work home with you because you never left home can begin to take its toll. This is one of the reasons RV offices are growing in popularity: it allows people to create a mobile space to work in that is separate from home. Even when your RV office is parked in your driveway, your commute is still measured in steps vs. miles and you can disconnect from work at the end of the day and “leave it at the office.” An added bonus? Just clear off your desk and you have a built-in guest house!

Another plus is that RV office is mobile which means that you can travel anywhere and work while you enjoy the view from any location you desire. Even though RVs are traditionally seen as a tool for camping, they are good for doing anything on the road – even work!

Which RVs Work Well as RV Offices?

Larger RVs have greater flexibility while smaller RVs make it easier to find a place to park; but nearly any RV can be transformed into an RV office. The size and type of RV you choose for your RV office will depend on your needs.

Will you need privacy, or a door to separate your RV office from noise? An RV with a private bedroom may be best suited to this situation offering not only privacy, but an area removed from the center of activity and the noise and distractions that come with it.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may only require a small table for a laptop and cup of coffee. However, if you require hookup to multiple screens or need additional desk space for large projects, you may need a much larger table for your desk space.

If there are other amenities you will require for your comfort and productivity, take those into consideration as well when you are choosing the size of RV for your RV office.

Front Living Room Floor Plans Make Great RV Offices

Another factor to consider besides the size of RV is the overall floor plan. When you choose an RV with a front living room layout, it gives your RV a more home-like feel which may be important when planning your RV office.

These front living room floor plans often have roomier living spaces, allowing you to spread out and work more comfortably. They also feature rear bedrooms which can be a more private RV office if others are staying with you in the RV.

Tips for Your RV Office

There are a few things you can do when designing your RV office to make your work experience more enjoyable.

Invest in a Wi-Fi Booster

No work experience is enjoyable with spotty Wi-Fi connection. For this reason, it only makes sense to invest in a Wi-Fi signal booster. Whether you plan to park your RV office in your driveway or travel and change your view on a regular basis, a Wi-Fi booster is well worth the investment to guarantee a strong and stable connection through hours of research, dozens of video calls, or simply to ensure your background music of choice is steady throughout the day.

Adding Your Own Desk

If you really want to customize your RV office, you can add your own desk. Depending on your level of comfort and skill level it could be as simple as measuring the area you want to put your desk, then bringing it in and possibly doing a little rearranging. If you are a DIY enthusiast and are comfortable with construction projects, you could take on a more complicated project like creating an RV office by removing the bunks and renovating a bunkhouse area.

Space Savers Are Life Savers

The best thing about creating your own RV office is just that, you can make it your own. There are lots of creative ways to keep everything you need nearby. Lots of camping hacks and space saving solutions can provide ways to maximize space and keep all the things you need within reach. Whether it’s corralling cords or finding just the right place for your red stapler, once you get your RV office just the way you like it, you can relax and enjoy your work days almost as much as you’ll enjoy the view from your new office.

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RVs are just like homes. And like homes, that means you may find the perfect one and keep it forever, or you may look to make a switch sometime after your initial purchase. For the latter crowd, that means you’ll be going through the process of selling an RV – something that may make you a bit anxious. After all, your RV was a major investment and you want to get the most out of your sale!

Read on to learn some of the our best tips for selling an RV so you can feel confident when it’s time to upsize to a new model, downsize for easier travel, or anything else that might make you want to switch things up as an RV owner.

Timing is Everything

Unsurprisingly, the time you choose to sell makes a huge difference in RVs. This isn’t too dissimilar to how selling a home is easier between school years, since people are ready and want to get moved and settled before next session starts.

When it comes to RVs, the best time to sell your RV is the early spring, such as late March, April or May. As the days grow warmer and the outside looks more appealing, RV lovers and campers looking to get their first RVs will start to feel the pull towards adventure.

If you capitalize on this moment, you may be able to stretch the value of your RV a bit more. Even if you don’t, you’re more likely to turn your “for sale RV” into a “sold RV” in the least amount of time. After all, most people don’t enjoy the process of listing their goods and negotiating with dozens of potential buyers. If you’re selling, you want to get your RV on the market and off your property as soon as possible.

A Special Tip on Timing

If you’re on the fence about selling your RV, right now (at the time of this article’s publishing) is a great time to consider it! RVs are harder to come by right now, which means the new and used markets are limited. Your RV is likely to have some purchase interest right away as RV enthusiasts are looking at every available model within their shopping range.

A Clean RV is an Easier Sell

Before you even consider selling your RV you’ll need to do some prep work. Hopefully you’ve kept your RV fairly clean, but either way, it’s time to thoroughly clean it so it looks like it’s never been used. This won’t be like any cleaning you’ve done before – you need to attend to every surface inside and outside the RV.

You never know how closely a potential buyer will inspect your RV. While your RV may have dents or dings that you can’t quite fix on your own, what they’ll really be looking for is signs that you may not have taken great care of your RV. The better it looks, the more likely they’ll trust that you’ve been kind to your vehicle.

As an added bonus, a deep clean can often find things you may have otherwise left behind. We’ve even heard of people finding things like credit cards, keys or other small items they thought were gone forever!

Stage It!

If you’ve ever walked through a fully furnished home, you know that no two people think of their living spaces in the same way. While you may have decorations in one location, another person may be put off with the same finished look.

When selling your RV, you should consider staging it to make it more universally appealing. In most cases, this means removing unnecessary clutter as much as possible. But it also means giving it a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Think about how the bed looks, how to set the blinds, and even which position the RV is in to capture the best sun based on when you’ll be showing it.

The possibilities are endless for how you can stage your RV to make a potential buyer “see” themselves living in your old RV. The faster they reach that point, the more likely you are to close the sale.

Staged Locations

Staging your RV doesn’t just mean assembling the interior. Where you end up taking your pictures can make all the difference in the world! Setting up your RV in a beautiful location at a nearby campground can show it off in action and immediately spark the desire to purchase your RV in a potential buyer.

Price Accordingly

Like timing, pricing is a core component of selling an RV (or anything for that matter.) The reality is that you have a lot of options when it comes to pricing. But the main things to look at are:

Current Market – How are other similar RVs selling? Don’t just look at the same make and model, look at RVs with similar floorplans, sizes and features. The best comparison model is one that offers the same benefits as your RV and is in similar condition. This means sometimes a similar make and model that’s been poorly cared for might trick you into pricing your RV incorrectly

Your Needs – Do you want to sell this RV now or are you okay with keeping it in storage for a few weeks or months? Sometimes pricing comes down to your timeline. If you’re ready to ditch your RV and invest that money in a new one or into something else, then you may be wise to knock the price down just a little bit to make it more appealing. If not, use your market research to price it appropriately and hold out until you find the buyer you want.

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If you’ve recently purchased a camping trailer, RV or travel trailer, you know what a significant and important investment it is. You’re ready to take all the precautions to keep it well-maintained, store it safely, and protect it from harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, RV theft is another thing that you’ll need to consider – though it’s fortunately far rarer than you may think!

Despite the unlikely occurrence that you might experience RV theft or stolen goods from your vehicle, it’s still worth the small effort it takes to help keep your RV safe from ne’er-do-wells. Here are some precautions you should consider.

Be Mindful of Where You Store Your RV

Where you store your RV is a major consideration for all RV owners. From preventing RV theft to just keeping your RV protected from the weather, the best storage solutions usually end up being inside a garage or facility of some type. This could be on your property, or a reputable storage rental facility near your home.

Thieves have started to become bolder in recent years, sometimes stealing campers right out of driveways or garages if they are convinced that no one is home. 2020 was a particularly rough year for stolen RVs (likely due to the RV shortages and the increase in their value) though it’s still worth noting that the statistics show it as incredibly low possibility.

The best way to avoid a stolen RV from your property is to leave your RV inside of a locked garage or fenced-in and locked backyard. This will always beat parking it in the front yard – especially when you are away from home. Like anything, opportunity is often the biggest impetus for crime. If someone knows you aren’t home and has the ability to hook your trailer up to their vehicle quickly then leave, they’re more likely to try.

Shop for Anti-Theft Devices

You can also look into purchasing a quality electronic anti-theft device (available from most dealers or in retail shops.) It’s a wise investment that could help you deter theft by making it too time consuming or exposing the RV thief to too much risk. On top of that, many of these devices offer tracking mechanisms. That means if your RV ever were stolen, you’d be more likely to have it safely returned.

The list of anti-theft devices for RVs is similar to the ones you might expect for your home. This can be something as simple as motion-activated lights that make it impossible to approach your RV in the dark to active monitoring systems.

For avoiding stolen items at the campground, locks and alarms are often your best bet. These can be simple things like window or door alarms that chimes whenever they open. This deters most crimes of opportunity.

Make Your Camper Look Occupied

If you have to leave your camper trailer unattended at a campsite or in a wilderness area, do your best to make it look like someone is around. It’s a known fact that thieves generally pick low-risk targets, and an occupied RV is about as high-risk as it gets. Especially if their plan is to take the whole RV!

There are plenty of ways you can make your RV look occupied, or at make it seem likely that you’re somewhere nearby. Set up lawn chairs outside, put dishes and silverware on a picnic table, or hang up clothes to dry on a line. Anything you can do to make it look like the owners are right around the corner will help you protect your vehicle from thievery.

Of course, you could always take it a step further and actually do your best to keep your RV occupied. If you’re traveling with a group, it’s never a bad idea to have someone hang back at the RV if it won’t affect their enjoyment of the trip. Scheduling your activities to keep someone near the RV is a great way to keep it safe. As an added bonus, having someone at the “home base” is generally considered a safe travel tip in case something happens to the group – like getting lost or injured on a hike.

Wheel Clamps, Towball Locks and Locking Hitch Pins

Wheel clamps are an affordable, noticeable and effective theft deterrent. If you’re unable to lock up your camper behind a fence or in a garage at home, using a wheel clamp will help keep your investment secure. In fact, if you can’t store your RV in a locked facility or somewhere else that’s already protected from trespassing, you should consider these types of clamps or locks a necessity.

Wheel clamps are difficult to remove, and there are several different brands to choose from. A good wheel clamp only costs a few hundred dollars, and they are simple to install. This small investment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to stopping a would-be thief from simply driving up, hooking up, and rolling away with your beloved camper.

Towball locks and locking hitch pins are also inexpensive (although slightly less effective) options for securing a camping trailer. They’re extremely easy to put on and take off (for the owner) and add an additional layer of deterrence for thieves.

Keep Your RV Well Lit

Lastly, when it comes to RV theft, the best thing you can do is make sure your RV isn’t somewhere that can be accessed unnoticed. At home, that means keeping it in areas that will be well lit by your lighting system. If you don’t have a garage light or similar fixture, they’re typically not too hard to add. Just keeping the RV lit up makes it less appealing to try and approach at night.

When camping, always stay in well-lit areas when possible. For boondockers this won’t always be an option, but if you’re at a campsite, in a parking lot or anywhere else, aim for areas underneath lights or nearest to populated areas. Nobody wants to be under the spotlight when they’re doing something illegal, after all!

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