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How an RV Backup Camera Can Help Keep You Safe

Two of the most difficult tasks involved in RV camping are backing up to hitch your trailer and backing into your campsite. Whether your motivation is making sure your path is free of small children and pets or simply avoiding starting out every camping adventure with the “joy” of miscommunication as you and your co-pilot try to work together to back into your campsite through gritted teeth, an RV backup camera can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

The blind spot with an RV is not really just a “spot.” The area that you cannot see is so large, it’s more like a blind “barn door.” Aside from having another person outside of the vehicle with a clear view of the area behind your vehicle, there is no better way to safely see what is behind you than an RV backup camera.

Benefits of an RV Backup Camera

Helps Maneuver Your RV

As anyone who has ever driven knows, one of the biggest challenges of driving any vehicle is reversing. Multiply that challenge by 20-60 feet of solid mass behind you and you have not just a challenge, but an enormous hurdle with an intense responsibility for property and person.

RV backup cameras are an incredible help in spotting risks when reversing. They can prevent accidents by giving you a clear, real-time view of what is behind your RV.  These cameras can even help you learn how your RV responds to your actions when driving more directly because you can see in real time what happens behind you as you are turning the wheel. This is especially helpful for travel trailers because of the pivotal action between tow vehicle and travel trailer.

Improve Your Safety

Since about 90 percent of driving decisions made are based on vision, it is no surprise that a lack of visibility is the biggest risk when driving any vehicle. When you can’t see what is behind you, that lack of visibility poses a big risk to your safety and the safety of anyone or anything out of your line of sight. RV backup cameras provide you another tool to ensure the area is clear before you move your RV. It is another way to help you stay in control of your vehicle because you can’t count on others to be aware of you.

Reduced Anxiety

Similar to learning to drive a car for the first time, learning to tow a trailer or drive an RV can feel daunting. It can even be more stressful than learning to drive a car because there isn’t formal training like there was with Driver’s Ed when you were a teenager.  Generally speaking, unless you are driving an RV that weighs over 26,000 lbs., you don’t need a special license.

It may be stressful enough to learn to drive or tow an RV, but now, try backing it up. To make things even more exciting, try figuring out the maneuvering magic it takes to back up a trailer or 5th wheel. Those skills take a lot of practice to master.

Ready for that RV backup camera yet?  You can see how more visibility quickly reduces anxiety when driving. A camera can even help you build your confidence with operating a large vehicle as you gain experience and have the peace of mind knowing the area behind you is clear. An RV backup camera simply makes parking and moving through tight areas far less stressful. And who wants stress on their trip?

Do Modern RVs Come with Backup Cameras?

The federal government mandated that by May 1, 2018, all passenger vehicles must be equipped with backup cameras. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Requirements apply to passenger cars, multi-purpose passenger vehicles, low-speed vehicles, trucks, buses and school buses (tested under TP-111-SB) with a GVWR of 4,536 kg or less.” So, this does not necessarily mean that all RVs will have them.

Fortunately, though it may not be mandatory to have an RV backup camera, many models do. Additionally, many RVs and travel trailers often come “prepped” for adding a backup camera. This means that when purchasing a new RV, it may come with the mounting and wiring ready for you to add your own camera. The professionals here at RVWSS can help you find models which are Furrion Camera Systems Prepped. The great thing about RVs and travel trailers being prepped with wiring and mounting is that installing the compatible camera of your choice is easier.

Adding Aftermarket RV Backup Cameras: Wired vs Wireless

There are multiple manufacturers of RV backup cameras but the two general types of backup cameras to choose from, no matter the manufacturer, are wired or wireless. So, even if your vehicle does not have a backup camera or isn’t prepped for a camera, you still have the option of installing an aftermarket camera.

The quality with wired cameras is consistently higher, however they are typically more difficult to install. Wired cameras work much better with certain types of RVs, such as toy haulers, which tend to have metal-reinforced ramps. The abundance of metal on these types of RVs can interfere with the signal transmission of wireless camera models. It is also important to keep in mind that the longer your RV, the further the signal must travel from camera to monitor. So, for long vehicles, wired cameras are more reliable as you will not have to worry about loss of signal or interference.

Wireless cameras can be installed quickly, which makes them a popular choice. They DO require wiring to connect to a power source, such as tying them in to the tail light wiring, but there is no wire connecting the camera and monitor – hence the term wireless camera.

And though the installation may be easier, remember that you may run into issues with video quality or interrupted feeds. Depending on the strength of your signal, the campground’s Wi-Fi signal or even your teenager’s Bluetooth headphones could cause issues with your backup camera signal. While it’s not likely that you’ll be heating leftovers in the microwave while trying to back up, such a situation could also result in signal interference with your wireless backup camera.

The only way to truly find out which aftermarket RV backup camera is the best one for you is by researching the available options and price ranges. Everyone has their own priorities, budget, likes and dislikes, so a little bit of homework will go a long way in ensuring you get the RV backup camera that best suits you.

No matter which make or model you choose, an RV backup camera will give you peace of mind, lower anxiety, keep you and your loved ones safe, and eliminate the dangers of backing up with the chance of something or someone being in your blind “barn door” and causing an accident. Safety is key; and with an RV in reverse, the key to safety is an RV backup camera.

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