How to Create Your Own RV Guest House

The holidays are almost here! That means a home filled with friends and family. If you’ll be housing guests for a few days, you may be panicking to figure out where they can all stay. For some, it would mean a night or two out on the couch. But you thought of a better idea: creating your very own RV guest house.

Before you get started, read our tips to make your RV guest house as comfortable as any room in your home!

Brother and sister sitting in the doorway of an RV guest house.

A Thorough Cleaning is Important

The first thing you should do before planning an RV guest house is to clean your RV until it’s spotless. Especially during the off-season, it’s not uncommon for your RV to look at little “unattended to.” But when your guests arrive, they should be able to relax in the same comfort as if it were a room in your home.

It’s easier to clean your RV when you have a plan, read our tips for cleaning an RV to get started!

Connecting Your RV to your Home’s Electrical

There is a major difference between using your RV at home versus parked at an RV campground: electricity. The electrical hookups used for powering RVs aren’t your standard home hookups. In fact, without specific modifications, your home is unlikely to have the right hookups to adequately power your RV.

If you try to power your RV, you’re very likely to trip your breakers!

Unless your guests are comfortable boondocking right in your front yard, you’ll need to consider your options. There are two ways to connect your RV to your home:

Using a 15 or 20 Amp Adapter

Using an adapter and an extension cord, you can technically hook up your RV to your home through a regular outlet. Keep in mind that this is not a highly recommended way to do this, and should only be used in a pinch. Certain appliances in your RV require too much power to reliably do this without overheating the extension cord or tripping your breakers. Some of the most power-hungry appliances are:

  • Air conditioning
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters or toaster ovens

Other, lower power appliances like your TV or refrigerator should be fine – though it often depends on the appliance itself. Some refrigerators draw more power than others.

Installing the Appropriate Electrical Hook Ups

Planning on using your RV guest home more often? Consider hiring an electrician to properly install a 30-amp or 50-amp system. This will function identically to the ones you use while camping at major campsites. That means your guests will have full access to the amenities of your RV and a much more comfortable stay.

Personalize Your RV Guest House

Interior of Class A luxury RV.

After years of RVing, you know how to pack just the essentials. You found ways to make every inch of your RV as efficient as possible. But when using your RV as a guest home, you want to make it feel like a home.

Paper plates and utensils are great for the road, but at home, your guests will likely want the real deal. Likewise, you prepare the bed with nicer sheets, blankets and pillows than you may use on the road.

Some RV owners even include framed family photographs and other common home decorations that may not always stay when they are traveling. But, for the time your RV will be a guest home, it helps make it feel like just another part of your home.

Keep the Pantry & Refrigerator Well-Stocked

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about preparing your RV kitchen for camping meals. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make use of the refrigerator and pantry! Try to have a few snacks and drinks available to eat between meals – traveling can make anyone famished.

If your guests are visiting from out of town, try to include some of your favorites from local shops and farmers markets.

Have a Variety of Entertainment Options Ready

Even for short stays, your guests will want ways to entertain themselves in your RV. Chances are, you may have moved your favorite movies or games back to your home when you aren’t using your RV. If you do, make sure to transfer some back.

Remember that, at least for the time being, your RV isn’t going anywhere. While you typically need to pack light, you can take this opportunity to include any type of entertainment options that you find suitable for your guests. What’s important is that the time they spend in your RV should feel like being at home – not a chore that has them watching them clock for hours.

If your guests are younger or tech-savvy, make sure your home’s Wi-Fi reaches the RV. If not, you can use a Wi-Fi extender to help the signal reach.

Include Instructions for Basic RV Features

It’s likely that your guests won’t be lifetime RV owners. They may not know the quirks of how RVs work. You can jot down a few quick notes on the most important items that they’ll likely be using so they don’t need to ask questions.

Even if your guests are experienced RVers, it’s possible that your RV is very different from theirs. There are so many types of RVs, you can’t guarantee that they’ll know exactly how to use yours. A quick reference guide should only take you a few minutes to write, and can help make their stay that much more comfortable.

Other Tips to Prepare the Perfect RV Guest Home

#1. Make Sure Your Home is Always Open

Your guests should feel welcome to move between your guest home and your home as freely as possible. While you should both expect some privacy, make sure to have a system in place for moving between these two homes. Many guests may find things like showering more comfortable in your home than in your RV.

A set of spare house keys lets you lock up without locking them out. One small flashlight could be helpful too, in case they need to make a quick trip inside during the night.

#2. Restock the Bathroom with Toiletries

Fresh soaps and towels can help make your travel trailer guest home a cozier experience. Even if your guests will be using your home’s bathroom most of the time, don’t forget to stock the RV with any necessities.

#3. Prepare Them for Emergencies

It never hurts to be prepared. When your guests arrive, take a minute to show them where everything is. This includes fire extinguishers, first aid kits and any exits. It won’t take much time and, if there is an emergency, it can make the difference.

#4. Add a Special Touch

A vase of fresh flowers. Fresh baked cookies. Anything you can think of! Leaving a small gift in your RV for your guests will show them you care and help them settle in.

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